AWWA Hosts The World’s Water Event

Improving how U.S. water utilities access and provide water to their communities will play an important role in the how we deal with our country’s water future. And what better way to gain insight into best practices and see who’s tapping into the current than some healthy competition? During the week of June 20, The American Water Works Association (AWWA) will host their Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE10) in Chicago. The week-long event will feature showcase leading examples of water technology from around the world, and host a competition open to all U.S. utilities to see who can tap a cement-lined, ductile iron pipe the fastest, and who has the “best of the best” tasting tap water.

The Tacoma Water team won last year's pipe tapping contest with a time of 1:13:38.

The Tacoma Water team won last year’s pipe tapping contest with a time of 1:13:38. / Photo Credit: ACE09 Pipe Tapping Video

“AWWA’s Annual Conference and Exhibition is an excellent opportunity to showcase our services and network with our clients from across the country. The conference is also a great way to interact with fellow AWWA members, participate on AWWA committees and receive the latest industry information.” — Michael Simpson, M.E. Simpson Co., Inc.

Here is the winning team from last year’s ACE09 pipe tapping contest:


And who won for the best tasting tap water? Macon Water Authority in Georgia. Previous winners in the 5 year old competition are: Louisville (Ky.) Water Company (2008), Oklahoma City Water and Wastewater Utility (2007), and Illinois American Water, Champaign District (2006 and 2005).

In addition to being the authoritative resource for knowledge and information on water supply issues in North America, the AWWA focuses on advocating to improve quality and supply of water in North America.

The conference will have 500+ exhibitors from around the world, speakers including Denis Hayes, national organizer of the first Earth Day, and they even had a mobile site for all of us smartphone people!

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Author: Scott James

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