Avoid Disaster Blues with Wet-location Emergency Lights

snowpocalypse emergency lights

Winter is already upon us in many parts of the US. Just because the threat of hurricanes and typhoons has lessened and thoughts have turned to holidays and new year’s resolutions, however, doesn’t mean that disasters can’t happen. Superstorm Sandy was a winter storm, as was Chicago’s famous snowpocalypse of 2011 (shown, above). In both cases, having an emergency supply of water and food can be critically important. But, what if the power goes out when you need to get out? When that happens, you’ll need emergency lighting that can stand up to wind an rain and sleet and snow.


Wet Location Emergency Lights 6v 27w


Built to kick on when the power goes out, these 6v, 27 watt emergency lights are for oudoor use. The high-power, waterproof fiberglass housing protects the internal components from damage and corrosion while the top-mounted lamps are easily adjustable to shed light where you need it- either in a shed or down a slippery, icy walkway.


Emergency lights like these can stay lit for hours after you lose power. That’s thanks to a sealed nickel-cadmium battery that can maintain its charge for 5-7 years, depending on conditions in your area. That might be a big span, but for homeowners who only check on their emergency every 2 or 3 years, it means they’ll always be ready for use when they’re needed. And, if they’re not, they’ll let you know with a built-in voltage meter that gives a visual display of the voltage condition/level of the battery.

So, while emergency lights in and of themselves won’t ensure your survival in a disaster, being able to read the labels on medications and safely navigate hazardous hallways and basements will definitely help! Stay safe this winter- and Happy Holidays!


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