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  • Tell Organic Baby Food Companies to Remove the GMOs

    GMOs in organic baby food? Apparently. “The DHA and ARA produced by DSM Nutritional Products, and used in many organic infant formulas and baby cereals, is made using what the organic law describes as excluded methods,” a draft email to a couple of baby food companies and DSM Nutritional Products notes. “Specifically, DHA and ARA […] More

  • Vegan Hummus & Falafel Tortillas in Wrocław, Poland

    Every year, from the end of November until Christmas Eve, a large Christmas market is set up in the center of Wrocław, Poland. It includes tons of little stalls selling handmade toys, handmade crafts of various sorts, clothes, food, drinks, sweets, etc. As far as the ready-to-eat food goes, there generally aren’t many options for […] More

  • Help Vegan Outreach Help Animals (& People)

    I recently saw a post over on Vegan Outreach’s blog showing that donations closely correlated with the number of people it could help educate on animal cruelty (in factory farming) and cruelty-free eating. The graph is below. Want to help to educate people about cruelty-free eating? Donate to Vegan Outreach today — if you donate […] More

  • Food Insecurity from Climate Change — Biggest Climate Story of the Year?

    I’ve written about the link between food security (or insecurity) and climate change several times here on Eat Drink Better this year, and others have as well. Here are 11 of our top climate change & food posts from the past year: Heat, Not Just Precipitation Changes, a Major Crop Concern Peanut Butter Prices Rising Due […] More

  • Last-Minute Christmas Gift Idea for Animal Lovers

    If you are like me, you have left Christmas in the back of your mind. OK, you probably aren’t like me, but on the off chance you are and you need a last-minute Christmas gift for someone or you just need a last-minute gift for someone, I recently ran across a nice idea that’s perfect for the animal lovers on your gift list. More

  • Café Well — Connecting Social Networks & Wellness

    We are each responsible for our own wellness. However, as anyone who has ever tried to get better from anything or improve themself in any way knows, a little friendly support, or even peer pressure, can help. It’s also helpful to have someone or a group of people going through the process with you. If your friends or family aren’t, though, where do you turn? More

  • Weed Killer Atrazine in Your Water?

    “If you want to understand all that is wrong with our government’s environmental safety priorities, you need only look at the sad story of the weed killer atrazine. Despite the fact that study after study has demonstrated its dangers, it remains one of the most commonly used herbicides in the U.S. — to the tune […] More

  • Eat More Kale (but Don’t Confuse It with Chikin)

    Chicken (aka Chikin) and kale are easy to confuse, aren’t they? Well, Chick-fil-A seems to think so, and seems to be a bit threatened by small-time farmers encroaching upon its market. OK, the details: Bo Muller-Moore has been creating eco-friendly t-shirts with the slogan “EAT MORE KALE” on them for over 10 years. Chick-fil-A is […] More

  • Creating Addiction: Food Company Strategies

    Bruce Bradly, who “worked for over 15 years as a food marketer at companies like General Mills, Pillsbury, and Nabisco,” wrote a pretty interesting piece recently on the way food companies try to make their food addictive. The piece was piggy-backing on a 60 Minutes episode on this topic — “The Flavorists: Tweaking Tastes and Creating Cravings.” […] More

  • France Not Allowed to Ban GMOs, but..

    This is one thing that irritates me about the EU (which I’m generally a fan of) — France is apparently not allowed to ban GMOs inside its borders. Rather than say that GMOs are not allowed to be grown there until they are proven safe, France’s highest court decided last week that GMOs were not […] More

  • I-GO Car Sharing Launches Largest Solar-Powered EV Project

    I know sustainablog founder and editor Jeff McIntire-Strasburg is an I-GO fan — I actually learned about this Chicago car sharing non-profit from Jeff when he wrote about it earlier this year on sustainablog. Well, now, this humble little car sharing non-profit is leading the country.. in powering electric cars with solar power. More

  • Puppy Meat vs Pork, What’s the Difference?

    A British celebrity chef, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, has said what many of us vegetarians are not often courageous enough (or blunt enough) to say — what’s the difference between eating pork and eating puppies? Last I heard, dogs and pigs had about the same intelligence. So, why do we freak out about the idea of eating […] More

  • Corporate Giants Bringing Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity to Developing World

    The wonderful potential of corporate globalization. Rich corporations that have compromised the health of people living in rich countries can now do so in the developing world, as well. “Diabetes, obesity and heart disease rates are soaring in developing countries, as multinationals find new ways of selling processed food to the poor,” the Guardian reports. […] More

  • Plant-Based Diet a Solution for Our Health Crisis?

    Before I get into the news, a new report on the benefits of a plant-based diet and its possible role in solving our public health crisis, I thought I’d mention something rather interesting from my life recently. A couple months ago, we were in England, to visit a good friend and then for a CNBC […] More

  • 7 More New Fruits & Vegetables from Congress (Other than Pizza)

    I imagine you’ve heard by now that Congress has taken time out of its busy schedule to classify pizza as a vegetable. But did you know that there are 7 more new fruits and vegetables that are also a little surprising? I’ll run down the list here. More

  • What Vegans Eat: A Helpful Pie Chart

    I’ve been wanting to share this chart for nearly a month — it is so accurate. People with little experience of veganism or vegans (or vegetarians, for that matter) often think eating vegan entails eating just a few foods (grass, tofu, and granola, for example). However, a vegan diet can be, and often is, extremely […] More

  • How Many Cars Were Recycled Last Year (Infographic)

    Kars4Kids just created an Infographic entitled “How many cars were recycled last year” (below). Given that we’ve covered recycling of old cars in the past, it’s an important but not widely discussed topic, and there are some pretty interesting stats here, I thought it’d be something fun to share here. Here’s a particularly shocking statistic […] More

  • You Can Adopt a Turkey This Thanksgiving!

    Do you ever feel great sadness over the millions upon millions of turkeys that will be killed for Thanksgiving dinner? I certainly do. Well, aside from ‘just’ having a vegetarian Thanksgiving this year, you can also adopt a turkey! We just did so yesterday. More on adopting a turkey here: More

  • Doctor Nails Cancer Risk of Hot Dogs, Bacon, Meat (VIDEO)

    This is one of the best talks on veganism I’ve ever watched (and I was raised vegetarian). The doctor, Dr. Neal Barnard, has a great sense of humor and an obviously extensive range and depth of knowledge on the topic. He doesn’t focus on animal cruelty, but, frankly, that’s not the best selling point for […] More

  • “Be an ENERGY STAR” — Top Videos

    Jeff wrote about the EPA’s “Be an ENERGY STAR” video challenge back in August, and featured a video submitted by some rather clever and cute kids.  In case you don’t remember, you can check out the link above, and the summary of the contest is that it encouraged Americans to pick up their cameras and document […] More

  • Increase Wind Power with Your Mouse

    A good, old friend of sustainablog and our media network, Jan van Voorst, started a new project not long ago where you support green organizations or actions by sharing posts on social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Google+). Jeff covered the new project in August right after it got started. It seems to be […] More

  • Heat, Not Just Precipitation Changes, a Major Crop Concern

    It’s long been understood that precipitation changes from global warming (i.e. droughts and floods) pose major crop problems. However, what has not been so widely discussed up to now is how much heat, itself, could cause considerable crop problems. Crops scientists are now finding, though, that this is a major problem.. already. More

  • Fat Tax — What Do You Think?

    Denmark is instituting a tax on fatty foods to try to combat obesity. What do you guys think about this new “fat tax?” More

  • Share an Avocado Recipe, Win a $12,400 Rose Bowl Package

    If you’ve been an EatDrinkBetter reader for while, I think you know by now that my favorite food is the always delicious (except when rotten..) and healthy avocado. The nice thing is, a lot of people love avocados.. and I just learned about a fun avocado recipe contest this week, Kick Off with Hass Avocados Recipe Contest, where you can share one of your favorite avocado recipes, learn about others’, and possibly win a grand prize valued at $12,400! More

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