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  • Drink & Democracy: A Stroll Down Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail

    TableTours is offering a three-day local eating and drinking tour of Kentucky’s Bourbon country October 2 – 4. The price of the tour is $350 per person and includes diverse Bourbon tastings, customized breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus from some of Kentucky’s most celebrated chefs, distillery and museum visits, and lectures on Bourbon and Kentucky […] More

  • Oat Groats: Cheap, Tasty, Healthy Breakfast

    I’m eating a lot of oat groats these days. I found a source for locally-grown oat groats, but the minimum order was 25 pounds. Oat groats are the least processed of all edible forms of oats, so they store a very long time (some sources are giving them 30 years under the right conditions.) So […] More

  • Traveling Locavore: Tin Angel Cafe, Salt Lake City

    Our family traveled through Salt Lake City, UT, during our National Parks Extravaganza this summer on our way between Grand Teton National Park and Grand Canyon National Park. As always when we travel, we try to find local independent restaurants that source locally. Generally this is easy to do by looking for foodie blogs in […] More

  • Really Rough Mockup

    The Locaquaffer: Fresh Peach Wine Spritzer Recipe

    It’s peach season! Fresh peaches are abundant in many farmers’ markets right now, and they are delicious this year. Take advantage of a fresh, local, seasonal ingredient for your evenings on the deck with this summer-in-a-glass recipe for peach wine spritzers. Fresh Peach Spritzers 6 fresh peaches, quartered (I leave the peels on, but peel […] More

  • Raw-Milk Cheeses Now Legal in Quebec

    The Quebecois, always more French in their approach to food than the rest of Canada, have decided raw milk cheeses are worth taking a risk on after all. Quebec, like the rest of Canada and the U.S., has long required raw-milk cheeses to be aged 60 days before sale to ensure against the possibility of […] More