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  • Slow Fashion and Food Make Stops in St. Louis

    With a bustling social scene and calendar full of fun things to do, Saint Louis is known as a hub for entertainment in the Midwest. But this week the city ‘slows’ its’ approach to fashion and food and embraces the pace of sustainability. More

  • Adidas Unveils First Collection of Waterless Dyed T-Shirts

    Sportswear manufacturing giant adidas nabbed a game-changing move from Nike, one of its largest competitors, to forever alter the textile dyeing industry. The internationally-known company unveiled it’s first collection of t-shirts colored using DryDye, a sustainable and completely waterless process to dye polyester fabrics, last month. More

  • Sustainable Fashion Designer Tara St. James Shares Inspiration for Fall Collection, Green Closet and Much More

    Award-winning designer, upcycling jewelry mastermind and the founder of a school and consultancy for aspiring sustainable designers are only a few of the accomplishments listed on Tara St. James’ fashion résumé. The Montreal-native shared with me her inspiration for the Fall collection, goals for partnering with Ecover’s Green Closet, and how fans and fashionistas can follow her next big move! More

  • Green Closet: Sustainable Fashion is a Lifestyle

    Eco-chic fashionistas of Ecover’s Green Closet know buying sustainably-made clothing is only a small part of greening up your wardrobe and lowering your carbon footprint. It’s equally important to use low environment impact, all-natural cleaning products and methods to care for your favorite looks. More

  • Fish Pedicures: Experts Warn of Potential Health Risks

    Fish pedicures grew in popularity in the United States in 2008, but new findings about possible health and environmental effects are giving state and local governments reasons to take another look at the unusual spa treatment. More

  • How to Get Healthy Skin: Five Fruits for an All-Natural Look (Part 1)

    Summer is here, and the temperatures are rising. It’s time to unpack your shorts and sandals and load up on everything you need for healthy, beautiful skin—fruit. The essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants found in fruits will give your body’s largest organ an all-natural makeover without the use of expensive creams or procedures. More

  • The Slow Fashion Movement: A Lasting Trend that Gives Back to Consumers, Manufacturers and the Environment

    Just as the slow food movement prompted us to think about where and how our food was being produced — agricultural practices, worker safety, cleanliness of factories, treatment of animals, etc. — “slow fashion” encourages fashion “consumers” to consider where and how their clothing is being made and to develop a greater sense of connection to the materials taken from the environment to create their looks. More

  • Five Earth Day Ideas for the Entire Family

    The 42nd anniversary of Earth Day, April 22, is Sunday, and everyone ages zero to 100 can show their appreciation to Mother Nature and the planet. Here are five ideas for some Earth Day family fun More

  • Jes MaHarry Jewelry: Uplifting Change for the Planet

    Jes MaHarry has been a creator of sustainable, hand-crafted jewelry collections and a leader of mix-media design for more than two decades. Collectors and customers alike are drawn to Jes’ signature style of “finding perfection in what is imperfect” and combining unlikely pairs of raw and refined resources to make one-of-a-kind pieces. More

  • Overconsumption Invokes the Six Items or Less Experiment

    As protesters continue to occupy our nation’s streets in disapproval of over-spending and government corruption, some continue to believe that more is better. Consumption is at an all-time high, and consumers are buying more things than they need. Surveys show that most women own seven pairs of jeans but wear only four regularly and buy […] More

  • Recycling Fashion May Help Alleviate Poverty for the World’s Poorest Women

    Nicholas Kristof, journalist and New York Times columnist, shared the triumphant story of Jane Ngoiri, a 38-year-old Kenyan mother of three, who overcame homelessness and poverty by recycling discarded wedding gowns and dresses. She bought a dress for about $7 and used the fabric to make several children’s dresses. Jane’s business grew quickly, and she […] More

  • Take Some Eco-Inspiration from the Designers at Fashion Week

    New York’s Fashion Week may be over for now, but eco-friendly designers left a clear message to the world: Fashion can be aesthetically beautiful and ethically responsible. Mainstream designers don’t have to take from existing raw materials to create fashionable collections and further contribute to global shortages. Rather we can all be inspired by Suzanne […] More

  • Keeping Up with Upcycling Fashion Designer Rachel Mace

    Writer’s Note: Over the past couple of months,  I have followed Rachel Mace’s journey to become an alternative fashion designer. She started in the fashion industry as a model and later decided to style herself and others in “trashion”, the transformation of trash into runway fashion. After the lead event planner of Spokane’s Sustainable Uprising […] More

  • Get Fall 2011 Runway Looks for Less: Reused & Repurposed Fashion

    With Fall only a few weeks away, you may be considering going shopping for new clothes to achieve the hottest runway looks and trends. Well, put down your keys or bus pass, and go to your closet to collect any pieces that can be reused or repurposed. Then continue reading my easy tips to start […] More

  • Eco Designer Rachel Mace’s Totally Trashed Fashion on the Runway (with photos)

    Editor’s Note: Who’s Rachel Mace? You can learn more about her and her journey to become an alternative fashion designer from our profile of her. Rachel Mace (aka Keseken) describes her debut of Totally Trashed Fashion (a clothing line made completely from trash) at the fourth annual Runway Renegade Show as the “most amazing experience of […] More

  • Rachel Mace: A Renegade of Eco Fashion

    Rachel Mace, also known as Keseken in the modeling and online worlds, is a 20-year-old model and self-taught fashion designer who resides in Spokane, Washington. She weaves, melts and stretches unconventional materials into high-fashion, sustainable women’s clothing. Mace will debut her Totally Trashed Fashion collection of formal and causal dresses, ball gowns, and lingerie made […] More

  • St. Louis' First Green Children's Store: Verde Kids

    There are countless things parents may worry about when caring for their child(ren) but having a place to shop that provides 100% earth friendly products can be crossed off of the list. Verde Kids of St. Louis is the first “green” store catering to the needs of children from birth to age eight. It offers […] More

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