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  • a goat poses for the cameral

    How To Rent Out Your Goats

    Thinking about renting out your goats? You should understand both the good and the baaaahd of this possible revenue source. My husband and I ranΒ a goat rental business from our farm, The Mushroom Hut @ Fox Farms. Our goat herd was the only part of the farm that wasn’t in the black.Β Our goat herd was […] More

  • berkshire piglets resting

    How To Breed Berkshire Pigs

    Berkshire pigs are a heritage breedΒ valued for the flavor of their meat. We raise Berkies to sell as breeding pigs. We had thrown the idea around for years of raising pigs. We first talked about raising them for meat production but didn’t know if we would be able to complete the process start to finish. […] More

  • goat cheese made without rennet

    How To Make Goat Cheese

    At our goat dairy, we run summer workshops on making cheese. We like these cheeses because they don’t require rennet or even aging. In this article we’ll go through everything from getting the milk to setting up your operation so you can sell the cheese you make. We have pure Saanen goats, Nubian goats and […] More

  • growing hops in north carolina - winding up a trellis

    How To Grow Hops In Your Backyard

    We live in the rugged mountains of Western North Carolina. Some question the suitability of growing hops here, or think that growing hops is a new idea. To some it may be new, but those of us who are native to this area know differently. You only have to look back into the Agricultural Census […] More