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  • New York City Preparing for 3 Foot Sea Level Rise

    Starting from a baseline of a sea level that will be two to three feet higher by the 2080s, the flood level highs produced by today’s 100-year storm would be more likely to recur, on average, as often as once in 60 to once in every 4 years by the end of the century. A  […] More

  • Innowind and Hexicon Create Powerful Modular Wind+Wave Farms

    Norway’s Innowind and Sweden’s Hexicon are collaborating on a unique floating 60 MW wind farm concept, which is now under review by the UK’s renewable energy industry research giant Garrad Hassan. Innowind; which makes these novel turbines, is located in Stavanger, Norway, in what is fast becoming a global center of the new renewable energy […] More

  • A Future Business Created by Sea Level Rise

    Here’s a business concept poised for takeoff in centuries to come, with our rising sea levels. The floating island business. The Dutch (wouldn’t you know it!) company Dutch Docklands has come up with the concept of The Floating Beach®. Now 22nd century tourists needn’t ever worry about their favorite island getaway being underwater. Floating beaches […] More

  • The First Nation to Run out of Water? Yemen

    War-torn Yemen is set to be the first country in the world to completely run out of water. War and strife are caused by shortages, and Yemen has been no exception to that rule. As the nation has succumbed to desertification, war has followed. As the world warms, desertification (in some regions in parts of […] More

  • How Long Before Disaster Fatigue Kicks In?

    Climate scientists have long predicted that with increased climate change will come increasing precipitation in the North Eastern US. The prediction has been in the climate models for at least ten years is based on the past increase. This means more heavy snowfalls, more heavy rain, increased humidity and more flooding.

    But what they didn’t predict is the disaster fatigue that will go along with that. More

  • Iceberg Visits Australia as 10,000 Year Old Ice Breaks Off Antarctic

    Another huge hunk of the Antarctic has broken off, and journeyed to within a thousand miles of the coast of Australia. This one is twice the size of Manhattan, but it is not the first huge chunk to go. Larsen A collapsed abruptly in 1995. After the retreat of the Prince Gustav and the dramatic […] More

  • Wanna Trade Homegrown Veggies?

    I live in the suburbs in Northern California and walk to work, so I really see the details of other people’s front yards as I walk past them.  Mostly these are just boring little grass plots going to waste on each side of the sidewalk. Yet this is your land, homeowners! Why not really use […] More