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  • GTR: Bringing Safe Drinking Water to Developing Nations with LifeStraw

    GreenTalk Radio’s Sean Daily talks to Peter Cleary, Director of Communications of Vestergaard Frandsen, about LifeStraw, a water purifier that helps to get access to safe drinking water at home and outside in regions where water is an issue. LifeStraw is made by Vestergaard Frandsen. an international company specializing in complex emergency response and disease […] More

  • Water-Saving Garden Irrigation

    Watering your garden effectively is all about knowing its needs. Over-watering is as harmful for plants as providing too little water. Although on average plants need one inch of water per week, there is a great deal of variation depending on the specific plant, climate, soil, and a host of other factors. Luckily there are […] More

  • Reduce Water Waste by Installing a Rainwater Harvesting System

    Got a roof? Get a tank! Harvesting rainwater is a great way to conserve this one of the scarcest natural resources and save your dollars in the bargain. An average family uses about 107,000 gallons of fresh water every year. Much of this is flushed down the toilet or poured into the garden. If you […] More

  • Illegal Marijuana Cultivation Pollutes Our Forests and Creeks

    For some reason, there seems to be a correlation between environmentalists and the legalization of marijuana, although Obama will not likely make it happen. Perhaps one reason for this correlation is the potential negative effect on our forests from illegal cultivation. From diesel spills to chemical fertilizers, the illegal cultivation of marijuana is polluting our […] More

  • Indoor and Outdoor Water Saving Tips

    With growing populations causing a continual rise in water demands, using less water and using it wisely has never been more important. The water issue is local as well as global; by implementing a few simple practices you can significantly reduce your water consumption and help to conserve one of your most precious natural resources. More

  • How to Find an Eco-Friendly Water Heater

    You may not realize it but water heating is probably one of the largest domestic energy expenses on your utility bill. By replacing your old electric hot water system with a new gas or solar powered system, you will do wonders to reduce your carbon footprint and your monthly costs. More

  • World Water Day 2009

    Our friends over at turned us on to this YouTube video in honor of World Water Day 2009 on Sunday, March 22, and we wanted to share it with our audience as well. “If a community does not have clean water, it is impossible to improve public health in the long-term,” says Steve Commins, […] More

  • Eric Corey: We’re Running Out of Water

    In a video posted by the green communications group The Good Mix, San Francisco-based green architect Eric Corey Freed discusses the potential ramifications of water shortages in California and elsewhere, and the various options and building code issues related to specific water conservation techniques available to homeowners. More

  • Safe Drinking Water: One Family, One Country at a Time

    An estimated 1.1 billion people in the world do not have access to a safe water supply. For many in the U.S., this is a fact far removed from every day life. The truth is the worldwide water crisis is exactly that – worldwide. More

  • Water Conservation 101

    What comes to mind when you visualize the word water? Do you think of clean, pure, refreshing and . . . available? Unfortunately, in today’s world, these words are decreasingly associated with our water supply, especially as we learn more about where our water comes from and the processes by which it arrives in our possession. More