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  • Seven Eco-friendly Options for Less Junky Junk Food

    I confess: as much as I wish I could say every meal I eat is as healthy as my quinoa and kale salad, sometimes I just have a craving for junk food. Ya know? When I first went vegetarian seven years ago I quickly realized how easy it was to replace meat with junk food. […] More

  • Our baby chicks at home, shortly after getting their brooder set up

    Healthy Summer Grub: Quinoa, Kale and Avocado Salad Recipe

    Ok, so according to the calendar, it may not be summer quite yet, but in California, the avocados are just starting to ripen, which is how I mark the start of the season. And when the weather starts getting warmer, I start turning to lighter, fresh meals. This quinoa-based salad is easy to prepare, and […] More

  • Seven Tips for Greening Your Barbecue This Summer

    With Memorial Day Weekend just around the corner, millions of people will be firing up their grills to celebrate an American past time. Here are some quick tips to keeping your barbecue safe, waste-free, and fun! 1. What’s the greenest grilling option? Electric and propane grills are definitely better than charcoal. If that’s your only […] More

  • Biodynamic Wine in Napa Valley: Where Green is the New Red.

    Though I’ve lived in the Bay Area for three years, I don’t drive, and so this past weekend marked only my second trip up to Wine Country. I had some friends in from out of town, and when choosing our itinerary my only requirements were that we visit a few green wineries. As a friend […] More

  • Black Bean Tacos for Cinco de Mayo!

    When it comes to the commercialization of holidays, people tend to point most of their angst towards Christmas. And who can blame them, when it’s not just a day, but a whole season of consumption? I have a similar knee-jerk reaction when it comes to Cinco de Mayo. A day that’s supposed to celebrate Mexican […] More

  • Eco-friendly Catering for your Wedding or Special Event

    It’s springtime and love must be in the air! We’ve had a few wedding related posts lately around the Green Options Network. Check out some green wedding tips here on Feelgood Style as well as some sources for eco-friendly wedding bands on Crafting a Green World. My own green wedding took place last summer, and […] More

  • Kosher (and Vegan) for Passover

    I have to give a lot of respect to Jews that keep Kosher, because I know how difficult it can be to stick with a restricted diet. During Passover especially, that diet becomes so limited, that some of my Jewish friends recently asked me if I thought it was possible to stay vegan during Passover. At first I thought, “No leavened bread? No problem!” but then I realized that some keep rules far more strict than that. More

  • Vegan Mint Chocolate Cake (With a Surprise Ingredient)

    Does anyone really need an excuse to bake a chocolate cake? I know I don’t. But it happened that I had a couple of ingredients at home that I was looking to use up. I was excited to discover a great recipe I could adapt to fit the bill. I have an abundance of fresh […] More

  • An Even Better Burger – This Time With White Beans!

    I thought about writing an April Fool’s Day post, wherein I pretended I’d gone back to eating meat. But I realized that a) Beth already did a great job covering our practical joke bases, and b) I’m a terrible liar. So I decided to stick with something I’m much better at: creating new recipes. After […] More

  • A Beefy (yet Beefless) Burger with Black Beans

    Ah yes, the veggie burger. If you’ve ever gone meat-free for a substantial amount of time, chances are you came to rely on this tried and true staple. It’s gotten me through many a company barbecue and airport layover. It turns out though, that most big name veggie burger brands are not actually vegan — […] More

  • Ten Tips for Greening Your Plate with More Meat-free Meals

    In my last post I touched on a few reasons why vegetarianism is one option to consider in your efforts to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle, and “eat better.” Mark’s original EcoWorldy post on vegetarianism, which inspired my post asked, “Do you have any suggestions on managing the conversion to vegetarianism now that half the […] More

  • Consider Cutting the Meat Out

    In an act of precognition, Mark Seall wrote a post today on EcoWorldly raising a number of questions about vegetarianism. While it would be near impossible to address all of his questions in one post, I do want to get the conversation started. I call his post precognitive because it provides a perfect segue to […] More

  • What to do with Leftovers? Scramble them!

    I love finding new recipes and trying out new things. But one of the problems with following a recipe to the letter is that you can end up with a lot of leftover veggies, grains, etc. After my recent Mac and Cheese taste test, for example, I found myself with half a potato, half a […] More

  • Vegan Macaroni and Cheese… It Can be Done!

    Note: This post is the second in a series on eco-friendly comfort foods. What are your favorite comfort foods? Let me know in the comments! Mac and Cheese, one of my all-time favorite comfort foods, was something I learned to live without when I went vegan. That was until this recipe came into my life, […] More

  • Looking Closer at Food: Extreme Overpackaging

    Reading a recent Eat. Drink. Better. post on looking deeper than the organic label, I couldn’t help but think of something that happened to me a few months ago. It was a late night and I was too tired to trek out to my food co-op, so I found myself in big-name chain, Safeway. Strolling […] More

  • Three Easy Mashed Potato Recipes

    Ah, comfort foods. Whether you’re snowed in with the winter blues, sick as a dog, or suffering from a sadness that only carbs can fix, comfort foods make us feel warm and relaxed. I had a painful run-in with the dentist this weekend, so not only am I craving a little comfort, but something soft […] More

  • Veggie Soup – A Proven Cure for a Case of the Mondays

    It’s Monday, and in the Green Options office that can only mean one thing: Soup Day! Every Sunday evening I cook up a great big pot of veggie soup for our small team in San Francisco, and others bring bread or drinks. Not only does it add a little spice to an otherwise not-so-fun day […] More