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  • Are we eating too much protein?

    A growing body of science seems to indicate that not only is there such a thing as too much protein, but that the health effects are showing up everywhere – from cancer to heart disease to diabetes to obesity and much more. More

  • Reducing water consumption in a business

    There are two main reasons why you may wish to reduce the amount of water your business consumes: cost reduction environmental concerns Across the globe, water is becoming an increasing concern for entire countries and societies. So we need to be aware of the need to conserve it. Capital Investment and borrowing If your business […] More

  • Sustainability in Israel: The Present and the Future

    Israel, a country perhaps best known for its religious heritage and rich history, has quietly been taking steps toward a sustainable future. The country is not large, with an expected population of just 11 million residents by 2030 (from 8 million nowadays), but it faces some extreme challenges in terms of sustainability. More

  • GMO Labeling Takes Next Logical Step: There’s an App for That

    We cover the fights over consumers’ right to know (GMO labeling laws) quite a bit, here at Eat Drink Better. I live in Hawaii, where one of the most contentious battles is currently raging over proposed Bill 2491. GMO companies headquartered in Michigan, Iowa, and elsewhere have made Kauai ground zero not for growing GMO […] More

  • Water Savings Kit: All-in-one from Niagara Conservation

    If you’re living a sustainable lifestyle, you’re savvy about your water. But even if you are, and have done a full water audit of your home’s water consumption, you’re likely still missing a lot of easy water savings in your home, simply because it’s a lot of work to go to the hardware store, find […] More

  • What’s the Return on Investment (ROI) for Sustainability?

    As the cost of unsustainable products like plastic, oil, gas, and coal continue to rise, projects with positive environmental effects are now having better and better ROIs… and that’s true for both large corporations as well as sustainable investments you make in your home and lifestyle. More

  • Wanderlust Festival brings mindful joy, healthy living to north shore of Oahu

    Creating community around mindful living. Traveling the world meeting a cultural demand that’s already there, and just fulfilling it.That’s the job description for John Krasno and Seane Hoess, founders of Wanderlust. They’ve been doing this for a while, but they’ve found new elements to incorporate in the Oahu Wanderlust–especially surfing. Seeing the correlation between surfing […] More

  • EDB Interview: Nutritional Therapist Jessica Quinn

    Her mission is to share knowledge of the medicinal qualities of foods and herbs that create the foundation for a healthy, fulfilled life. Recently, we sat down with Jessica Quinn, Certified Nutritional Therapist, to talk about food, her clientele, changes in food culture, and common sense approaches to holistic health. More

  • Learning a new Love Language

    People feel and express love in different ways. What one person may believe communicates their deepest feelings may seem superficial and unneeded by another person. This comes from your personal love language. There are five different love languages: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical Touch. Expressing and receiving love differently […] More

  • Avoiding mid-life crises with a life course correction: Burning Man

    Men approaching 40 often hit what is termed a “mid-life crisis”. They dump their old car and buy something they can’t afford with lots of horsepower and a sexy exterior. They start jumping out of planes. And often, they divorce their wives in the pursuit of younger women. The underlying cause is a feeling of […] More

  • Who knows sustainable food best? Here’s a game where you can prove your mettle

    Are you the kind of person that enjoys a bit of good, friendly competition? Do you rub it in when you destroy your friends at Scrabble? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Competition is human nature. But have you ever wished you could put all that food knowledge you have to work (and then rub it in when you whoop your friends at it)? More

  • Myths About Raising Chickens in Your Backyard

    Just like many other social phenomena that are good for the environment, the exploding trend of people growing their own chickens in the backyard has its naysayers.Β  Naysayers come in a wide variety of stripes.Β  For example, the widespread understanding that global warming is real and that we’re causing it has its naysayers, many of […] More

  • Home Grown Food, What Could Be More Sustainable and Healthy?

    The Obamas could change America and the world if they were to swap out some of their White House lawn for an organic or biodynamic garden.Β  But what about YOUR backyard?Β  Heck, for that matter, what about your front yard? Hiring a good landscape designer knowledgeable about permaculture and organic/biodynamic gardening would be a terrific […] More