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  • Facebook Applications that Do Green Good: SunChips Re-Green Greensburg Widget

    Have you seen the Planet Green program Greensburg? The program follows the town of Greensburg, Kansas as they rebuild, in a very green way, after a tornado in May 2007 ripped through the town and devastated it. Nearly the entire community was destroyed. Sunchips is helping the town of Greensburg to rebuild. Their first initiative […] More

  • serve god save the planet

    Book Review: Serve God Save the Planet

    I’ve read a lot of books in the past year about going, being, living, embracing… green. I haven’t felt I’ve wasted my time reading any of them, but every so often one of them will stand out above the rest. I just finished reading J. Matthew Sleeth’s book Serve God Save the Planet, and it […] More

  • Zinio: Helping Make Your Magazine Subscriptions Sustainable

    Looking for a way to reduce your paper waste but keep your favorite magazines? Zinio may be a solution for you. It’s a digital magazine service that lets you view your magazines on your computer instead of receiving them in print format. Zinio gives you instant access to the magazines that you have purchased through […] More

  • Sustainability, the First Time Organic Gardener, and Carl Spackler

    If you were one of my Facebook friends, you would be able to see that right now “Robin is channeling Carl Spackler. Where’s the dynomite!” You remember Carl Spackler, don’t you? The Bill Murray character from Caddyshack. The guy whose only goal in life was to get the gopher. No matter what he tried, he […] More

  • New Facebook Application, Green My Vino, Helps Vineyards Go Green

    I just generated 20 minutes of green power. It took me less than five minutes. How did I do it? I added the Facebook application Green My Vino to my Facebook account and then sent one green power minute to 20 of my Facebook friends. Green My Vino was launched earlier today by Village Green […] More

  • Can Big Oil Companies also Do Good?

    We seem to be piggybacking off of each other here around Green Options lately – reading each others’ posts and writing new posts based on them. I just finished reading the post that Adam Williams wrote earlier today, World Naked Bike Ride: Is Anything Gained by Protesting Oil Dependency in the Buff?, and in the […] More

  • The Possibility of a Residential Green Roof

    Over at Green Building Elements, Philip Proefrock’s post Showing the Green Building Process highlights a Philadelphia couple’s blog, Building Green on Montrose. Archtitects Christopher & Emily Stromberg are renovating a South Philly row home, and they document their progress on the blog. I live outside Philadelphia, and I’m always excited when hear about another great […] More

  • Whose Responsibility is Sustainable Consumerism?

    A new study titled Green AMPlified is aimed to “uncover how the growing ‘Green’ movement is impacting the way consumers perceive, evaluate and talk about companies and brands,” according to Anastasia Toomey of the AMP Agency which conducted the study of 18-49 year olds in April of this year. The results of the study are […] More

  • A Small Town Trying to Solve Big Traffic Problems with a Local Bike Share Program

    Collingswood, New Jersey is one and a half miles by one and a half miles of small town that is doing what it can to be sustainable. It has a thriving farmer’s market. The local government encourages residents to recycle and compost, even offering inexpensive composters to residents. Several of the town’s many restaurants support […] More

  • Sustainable Seafood Information at Your Fingertips via FishPhone

    I only started eating seafood regularly about two years ago. Shortly after I started to add it to my diet, I learned that I needed to be concerned about two things – mercury in the seafood and the environmental impact of how seafood is caught or farmed. Those concerns have put a serious damper on […] More

  • A Free Cab Ride that's Eco-Friendly? It can Happen.

    My husband and I got a free cab ride while we were in Dublin on vacation. Yes, free. And even better, it was eco-friendly. After exploring the city on foot for two days straight, we decided we wanted to be chauffeured to our final tourist destination. So we hopped in an Ecocab. What’s an Ecocab? […] More

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