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  • Reader Recipe: Black Metal Cüpcakes

    These extreme vegan cupcakes offer a quadruple chocolate kick with a whiskey and beer chaser. Like the music that inspired them, Black Metal Cüpcakes will have you howling at the moon! More

  • Reader Recipe: Kale Chips

    Kale chips are a nutritious, delicious, and easy snack to make. This recipe allows for customization and adding your favorite seasonings will turn this simple snack into a must have vittle! More

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    Reader Recipe: Vegan Butter

    This vegan butter recipe is quick and easy, uses relatively common ingredients, and measures just like non-vegan butter. You can use it in baking, for grilled uncheese sandwiches, or just straight on warm bread. It can easily be halved or doubled if you want to adjust the quantity. It is a nice homemade alternative to store-bought vegan butter, and would keep in the fridge for weeks if I could stop myself from eating it all so quickly… More

  • Reader Recipe: Champurrado

    The fascination and relevance with Mexican gastronomy and beverages has been a longtime American favorite. One such drink that deserves attention and has gone unnoticed is champurrado. More

  • Reader Recipe: Our Grilled Cheese Evolution

    There’s another variation of grilled cheese my family calls the French Toasted Grilled Cheese. This variation completed our family’s grilled cheese evolution because once Mom heard about it (from a friend, sister, magazine?) she forgot all about her toaster oven. More

  • Reader Recipe: Skinny Chicken and Spinach Curry

    When I made this recipe, I wanted a quick dish using ingredients already in my fridge or cupboard. I was also on a bit of an orzo kick, so I paired this tasty, indulgent (yet healthy!) curry with orzo instead of rice and found that it worked well. More

  • Reader Recipe: Sauces for All Seasons

    In late summer, housewives used to get very nervous about what they had “put back” to feed their families during the winter. Supermarkets have solved most of the end-of-harvest jitters, but there’s still something special about saving the last of summer. Freezing rather than canning lessens cooking time, reduces needed sugar and keeps more of ingredients’ fresh taste. Here are several sauces, a couple of them keepers, to let your family enjoy the waning freshness of summer and the bounty of fall. More

  • Reader Recipe: Rich Roasted 
Tomato Soup

    A perfect complement to a grilled cheese or simply as a lovely start to any dinner, this homey and comforting soup highlights the concentrated and wonderfully sweet flavor achieved by roasting tomatoes—and feel free to use tomatoes that are past their prime for eating raw; they’ll be perfect in this preparation. I like to load up when the tomatoes are on sale, roast them, transfer to a freezer bag, and use year-round for my soup cravings. More

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    Whole Wheat Carrot Walnut Muffins

    These healthy whole wheat vegan carrot muffins are so moist and delicious that no one would believe that they are made without the use of refined sugar or white flour. Pure maple syrup lends the perfect sweetness and the combination of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves creates the perfect amount of spice! More