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  • 5 Ways to add Fiber to Yogurt

    Yogurt contains protein and fat to help keep you full longer. Adding fiber can extend that fullness even more! Try these five quick toppers to add some oomph to your snack. More

  • Coffee May Fight Depression In Women

    Feeling guilty about that second or third (or fourth!) cup of coffee in the morning? Erase that guilt because a new study shows extra coffee may be helping us! More

  • Worst and Best Sweeteners

    Searching for the healthiest low-calorie sweetener for your coffee in the morning? Seven sweeteners are discussed here. Find out if your favorite makes the best or worst list! More

  • What Foods Top the New Dirty Dozen List?

    The Environmental Working Group has released its seventh installment of the β€œDirty Dozen” and the β€œClean 15.” Which list do your favorite fruits and vegetables end up on? More

  • Easy DASH Diet Summary

    The DASH diet was created to help maintain normal blood pressure levels. Even though the DASH diet was created a few years ago, it is good to review methods that work! More

  • Romaine Lettuce: In Season Now

    Summer weather calls for cool, fresh meals. Since romaine lettuce is in season from the start of spring well into the late summer months, each meal has potential to contain that crispy cool satisfaction. More

  • Importance of Hydration in the Summer Heat

    It’s that time of the year when we not only have to concentrate on eating healthy, but on staying properly hydrated too. The summer heat can cause discomforting symptoms if regular and adequate fluids are not consumed. More

  • Love Grown Foods: Granola Review

    Love Grown Foods is a Denver based company that creates spectacular granola. I have had the great opportunity to review this granola, and have been fully satisfied since opening my first bag. Check it out! More

  • Asparagus is In Season Now

    Spring has arrived (finally in Michigan) and with it comes lovely vegetables like asparagus. Over the years this green spear has grown on me tremendously. So what makes this veggie so great? Here are the nutrition facts, and great preparation ideas! More

  • Enhance Nutrition of your Kids’ Sack Lunch

    We are all aware of the increasingly poor options for school provided lunches. This may not necessarily be the schools’ fault. Funding for lunches has become a large problem, especially for healthy foods. In most cases packing a sack lunch for your children is the healthiest option. Or is it? Follow these tips to be sure your child’s lunch is most nutritious. More

  • Will Michigan House Bill Stunt Farm-to-School Efforts?

    Michigan House Bill 4306 addresses school contracts for food service, custodial and transportation services. The bill aims to mandate schools to participate in competitive bidding for the provision of these services. This means all schools that have successful food service operations without corporate control will be forced into privatization. What are the basic arguments for […] More

  • Curried Lentils

    I think I have mentioned before how much I love lentils. Here is my new favorite spicy lentil dish: Curried Lentils. More

  • Book Review: Green for Life

    The following is a book review of Green for Life, The Updated Classic on Green Smoothie Nutrition by Victoria Boutenko. As a nutrition professional I frequently discover new diets and eating habits.Β  Many claim to offer optimal health or weight loss, disease control or the next thing. I find myself reading diet books with a […] More

  • Make Your Drinks Count

    The other day I got into a discussion about beverages. This is a discussion I seem to get into often and it got me thinking about all of the drinks we have to choose from these days. Marketing has really done a number on our diets, and I’m pretty sure it hasn’t made them better. […] More

  • Top 5 Reasons to Eat Lentils

    We all have heard that lentils are a “superfood.” This legume looks beautiful as a side dish but can also make a fantastic main course. I believe they should be incorporated regularly to everyone’s diet. Here are my top five reasons why. More

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