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  • Making Sherbet with Homegrown Strawberries

    If Iโ€™m going to eat something with sugar and dairy in it, it may as well be made with high quality ingredients, in other words, homegrown and homemade. Try this easy three step sherbet recipe for amazing berry flavor. More

  • What is Sustainable Gardening?

    Replacing an old juniper hedge with a beautiful flowering rosemary hedge that bees love is a good thing, right? In my sustainability analysis the juniper wins, and stays. More

  • Plan an Edible Gardens Tour

    Seasoned gardeners know that besides getting your hands in the dirt, the best way to learn about gardening is from other gardeners. This summer, consider going on an edible gardens tour, even if you have to organize it yourself. Here’s how… More

  • Green Garlic Season is Short But Sweet

    Green garlic, also called spring garlic, is a specialty of spring. Its delicate mild garlic flavor is something to look forward to at this time of the year, but it won’t be available long. More

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    Grow an Herbal Tea Garden

    A cup of fragrant herb tea is a natural choice when you want to avoid caffeine. And best of all, you can grow a variety of wonderfully scented herbs in your garden or in containers. More

  • Pickled Nasturtium Pods

    You can find lots of recipes for pickling green nasturtium pods; all you really need is vinegar and salt. Traditionally they have been used in place of capers. The good news is that these flowers are easy to grow and abundant. More

  • Fava Bean Spring Salad

    Tender spring fava beans are wonderfully buttery – we grow them every year and watch the pods swell with great anticipation. In our family, the favorite way to eat them is to make a simple but delicious warm salad with a lemony dressing. More

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    Conversations With the Land: A Book Review

    Farmer Jim VanDerPol writes with clarity about how agribusiness has changed not only our relationship with the land and our food, but how our sense of community and connection to one another has been displaced. More

  • Spring Artichoke Salad

    If you can’t grow your own artichokes, look for very fresh, young artichokes to make this raw artichoke salad. It will surprise you with its delicate nutty flavor. More

  • Using a Cold Frame to Start Your Summer Garden

    Using a cold frame is a fantastic low-tech way to start your seeds for a summer vegetable garden. Even if you have a long growing season, you’ll have your yummy veggies on the table earlier in the summer than if you wait to sow your seeds directly in the soil. More

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    Crowd-Funding Open Source Permaculture

    Putting โ€œopen sourceโ€ and โ€œpermacultureโ€ together is a savvy combination, and in this case, itโ€™s also really useful. Add “crowd sourcing” and you’ll have the complete online tool for all things permaculture. More

  • Gardening with Greywater

    If you believe in the responsible use of precious resources, namely water, then you’ll agree that recycling home greywater for landscaping makes lots of sense. Here are the basics you need to know. More

  • How to Grow and Transplant Your Seedlings

    So youโ€™ve started your seeds indoors to get a jump on spring, and like magic they are beginning to grow. Now youโ€™ve got seedlings. The excitement of having grown your own starts for your vegetable garden can turn into panic if it is still too cold to plant them in the garden… More

  • Decoding Blood Oranges: Discovery of the Ruby Gene

    Blood oranges are famous for their striking blood red pulp and high content of health-promoting anthocyanins. Researchers have identified the gene responsible for the color and health benefits, and they are trying to create a new, more widely accessible variety. More

  • Jerusalem Artichoke Salad with Lemony Vinaigrette

    Here’s my last Jerusalem artichoke (sunchoke) recipe for the season: a grated Jerusalem artichoke salad with carrots and Meyer lemon vinaigrette. It’s a lovely refreshing salad with in-season ingredients that will having you thinking that spring is already here. More

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