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  • Sustainability 101: Building A Compost Pile

    A thriving compost pile can provide plenty of nutrient rich soil for a healthy garden and you can compost anywhere. Building a beautiful compost pile is as much art as science. Rich compost can help any garden, even a container garden, thrive and produce and abundance of healthy food. Compost can provide all the nutrients and […] More

  • Letterboxing: Building Self-Reliance One Stamp At A Time

    Letterboxing is a low tech way to look for treasures in nature. Letterboxing requires a compass and persistence to find hidden boxes that contain a blank book, a stamp and stamp pad. Using the special stamp in the box, you log your find into your own log book and leave your signature stamp in the letterbox book. Letterboxing […] More

  • Geocaching Teaches Kids Problem-Solving Skills

    Geocaching is a growing outdoor hobby where the coordinates of certain locations or hidden “treasure” caches are made available. To find treasure, seekers are armed with handheld GPS devices, a pen and trinkets. More

  • Five ways to start prepping with $5

    Gas and food prices are on the rise. For example, chocolate is expected to increase in price dramatically over the next year and this is due in part to political unrest, bad weather and rising fuel costs. To help smooth families budget concerns and build self sufficiency, many people are jumping on the prepping bandwagon. […] More

  • Creating a Rain Garden

    Rain gardens attract birds and butterflies (and bees), while protecting local streams and ponds.  These gardens are planted with flowers, shrubs and grasses that are easy to maintain and thrive without fertilizers and pesticides. Where to place a rain garden, how to select plants and how to keep the garden flourishing as a beautiful accent for your home […] More

  • Why Are the Bees Dying?

    About five years ago commercial beekeepers across the US began reporting bee losses in record numbers – about 30% each year. This level of loss is unsustainable and many beekeepers are going out of business. Aside from the economic issues, the record number of bees dying should be alarming everyone who eats. About one in […] More

  • Another Man’s Treasure – Learning to Love Freecycle

    The Freecycle movement, started in Tucson, has spread world-wide keeping thousands of items out of landfills and trash piles. Freecycle has taken the phrase, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” to heart by providing a forum for people with everything including the kitchen sink that they don’t need any more to find people who […] More

  • Selling at Farmer’s Markets 101

    Now that you have grown beautiful vegetables, lovely flowers or have gorgeous chicken eggs, how do you go about selling them at a farmer’s market? What are some of the tricks of the trade and the lessons learned from veterans? Homework It is very important to find the right farmer’s market for you. You don’t want […] More

  • Big Vegetables in Small Spaces – How to Start a Container Garden

    If you have a deck, porch or even a window sill, you can have a garden. Container gardening can be a great way to start gardening, try something new, out wit predators, or bring kids into gardening. Having a garden, even a modest one, will bring beautiful food to your table and a sense of satisfaction. […] More

  • Local Currency Revitalizes Local Economies

    BerkShares is a local currency being used in Berkshire region of western Massachusetts. It has been credited with helping to revive the local economy and has the backing of many local banks. The currency is printed by Berkshares, Inc. and they work with local businesses and banks in the area to build the number of […] More

  • Emergency Kits for Families

    The recent tragedy in Japan and the vast number of weather-related power outages across the US this winter have many people concerned about what to do in case something like this happens to them. If you and yours were caught in a disaster and had to shelter inside your home for three or more days, […] More

  • Preparing for Evacuation with Pets

    The Red Cross and the SPCA recommend that in addition to an Emergency Kit for you and your family, you create one for your pets. This is important step can help to save your pets live and your peace of mind. Many animal related groups have chimed in to build on the Red Cross list […] More

  • Community Supported Agriculture

      The Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, movement is an important step in locally sourcing your food. With more and more food recalls being issued by the government and food producers on non-meat items and food prices rising along with oil prices, having locally sourced food can be a key component of a family’s budget […] More

  • Living Mulch of White Clover

    Beekeeping as a business

    Beekeeping is a hobby that you can easily turn into a side-business no matter where you live. Keeping bees requires a relatively small monetary investment to get started and can turn a profit within a few short years. There are many non-monetary benefits to keeping bees like better garden yields, fresh honey, and a feeling […] More

  • Children’s Clothing Exchange

    Did your children outgrow their clothes overnight? With growing kids, it is a fact that you will end up with clothes that still have some wear-ability after your kids not longer fit in them. You can give them to relatives if they live close by, but inevitably your kids will be the last girl or new baby and […] More

  • Entrée Exchange Groups

    If there is economy in scale, an entrée exchange group embodies it. The idea is that if five families participate, each family makes five of the same meals, meet up and trade, and go home with four meals plus your own. By making multiples of the same meal you can save on preparation time and ingredients. Forming an entree exchange […] More