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  • How To Start Transplants

    Winter’s almost over. Have you started your plants yet? This gardener can proudly say yes! In the late winter months, serious gardeners begin asking one another this question. As the daughter of a serious gardener, I learned at a young age that if you want to grow your own peppers and tomatoes here in Minnesota, […] More

  • oats for making fodder

    Growing Fodder

    Most people feed their animals commercial feed. But I’m not like most people. I know that our diets play a huge role in determining our health and wellness. The same is true for animals. So instead of commercial feed, my livestock eats fodder. In farming, grainsΒ that are allowed to sproutΒ are called fodder. Fodder is similar […] More

  • a sheep peers into your soul

    6 Reasons To Raise Sheep

    My parents raised sheep for several years when I was a kid. They were my favorite of the animals we experimented raising on our hobby farm. Watching the sheep give birth was absolutely amazing and the baby lambs made the most adorable pets! My siblings, friends, and myself also got a lot of entertainment attempting […] More

  • Beekeeping For Beginners

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that our honeybees are in trouble these days. That should have everyone concerned seeing as how they play a vital role in the pollination of many of our crops. Plus, their honey, wax, and propolis are all incredible products that would be sorely missed if not […] More