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  • Create Your 2010 Good Food Bliss List

    As mid-January rolls in, those traditional New Year’s health resolutions fade away:  Loose ten pounds, get fit, etc.  Why?  Deprivation sucks.  Our food loving community here at Eat Drink Better continues to rise like yeast dough on a hot day for one common reason:  we embrace food with passion and realize that our eating choices […] More

  • Summer on Ice: Three Easy Ways to Use Frozen Berries All Winter

    My roots and love for Wisconsin run deep, ever since we traded the Chicago urban corporate scene for organic farming and sustainable living on our rural farm and bed and breakfast, Inn Serendipity.  And at heart, I’m a four-season loving gal.  But man, that fourth season of winter can run a bit long here.  Fortunately, […] More

  • Savoring Gratitude: Three Tips toward Thanksgiving Appreciation

    As we head into the Thanksgiving season, all eyes (and mouths) fixate on that key holiday ingredient:  food.  From turkeys to pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving gifts us with a list of seasonal traditions that celebrate our love for good food.  While these all rank important holiday elements, let’s not miss the key ingredient rooted in the […] More

  • Independence Days: Four Ways This New Book Revolutionizes Home Food Preservation

    My bookshelves creak with the weight of my amassed food preservation resource collection.  As we grow over 70 percent of our food needs on our Wisconsin farm and B&B, Inn Serendipity, the how-to behind stocking up has always been area of personal, passionate research. But as you can see, I’m already overloaded with info.  Do […] More

  • Beet Burgers: Hearty, Healthy, Happiness on a Bun

    Fall ushers in burger season on our Wisconsin farm.  Beet burger season, that is.  These veggie burgers are house favorites here at Inn Serendipity farm and B&B.  Something about the red color and texture of the beets that cause even the committed meat burger eater to savor the veggie side of the bun. This is […] More

  • Young Women Farmers for Change: Three Fresh Ideas to Stir Up Our Food System

    Fresh ingredients go a long way in adding flavor to any dish.  The same culinary theory holds outside of the kitchen in other contexts as well, as evidenced at the 13th annual Community Food Security Coalition Conference this past week in Des Moines, Iowa.  Over 500 activists from around the country gathered to connect, collaborate […] More

  • Five Tips from a Farmers’ Market Manager on Shopping the Final Market

    The sustainability mantra may be “less is more,” but there’s one exception when buying more makes green sense:  shopping the last farmers markets.  If you’re not gardening and growing your own produce, your local farmers market serves as your easy connection to one-stop local fare shopping. But as frosts linger and the cold winds start […] More

  • Let Them Eat Pie: Easy Oat Apple Pie Recipe Celebrates Busy Fall Harvest

    Apple harvest time arrives at the best and worst time on our Wisconsin farm and B&B, Inn Serendipity. As four bushels of apples sit on my front porch, I’m reminded of all those right reasons: the crisp flavor of fresh apples, appreciation of the harvest bounty and the tempting aroma of a pie baking in […] More

  • Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food: Significant Fresh Visions from the USDA

    A visionary, inspiring image:  “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food.” No, this isn’t some crunchy, organic non-profit’s local food campaign or a new Slow Food slogan.  This message comes to us fresh from our United States Department of Agriculture.  “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” is a national effort collectively launching this week, designed to […] More

  • Summer’s Last Fling: Three Tips to Host a Local Food Potluck

    One leaf on the maple tree turned bright orange. The apples on our trees now droop with bounty. The local drive-in went to weekend-only hours and starts movies around 8:00 pm because that’s when it gets dark now here in Wisconsin. Deep sigh. Yes, those bittersweet signs of fall are in the air. My advice […] More

  • Underground Abundance: Three Steps to Foraging a Local Fruit Tree

    Pear pie. Pear ginger muffins. Pear cordials made from fruit, sugar and vodka. Pears canned in sugar syrup. Pear jam. When my senior neighbor Mary calls me every year at the end of August with her annual message of “The tree is ripe – come pick,” I turn into the Bubba Gump of pears, gratefully […] More

  • Five Tips to Host a Local Food Summer Breakfast (Tomato Pie Recipe Included)

    Two things peak like clockwork every August on our Wisconsin farm: Both the tomato harvest and the flow of guests at our B&B, Inn Serendipity, hit their peak. A time of rich abundance sprinkled with managed chaos, everything dances wildly amidst summer seasonal flow. Which means I’ll gladly embrace any way I can simplify life […] More

  • Zucchini-Pallooza: Showcase Summer Abundance with Zucchini Snacks

    Beware: This Saturday night, August 8, is “Sneak Some Zucchini on Your Neighbor’s Porch Night.” As a Midwest gardener, I’m guilty of using all forms of sneaky tactics to deplete my zucchini abundance on our farm this time of year. But most of all, I’m on the lookout for new ways to use zucchini and […] More

  • Beat the Pricey Deli: Roll Your Own Greek Dolmades (Recipe Included)

    I recently saw stuffed Greek-style grape leaves selling at a trendy deli for $1.25. Each. As those who have tasted these “dolmades” already know, they can quickly be addicting and you could eat yourself broke at that price. Originating from the Arabic word “dolma,” meaning “stuffed,” the word evolved into “dolmades” in Greece and is […] More

  • Teach Your Veggies: Five Tips for Better Eating through Gardening with Kids

    I’m no licensed child psychologist.  My kid-rearing experience stems from a sample size of one young, lanky legged son.  Still, I feel confident in proclaiming, after these past seven years of Wisconsin gardening with Liam, that kids will eat anything they have a connection to growing or harvesting themselves.  A simple equation:  the more we […] More

  • Last Seasonal Strawberry Fling: Streusel-Topped Pie in the Solar Oven

    I confess, I’m slow to change.  At least when it comes to cooking.  A devout recipe follower, I measure my cups and teaspoons and follow recipe direction as if they were sent from above. Until this week, when I finally took our new solar oven out of the box.  We bought this Global Sun Oven […] More

  • Hearty Spring Flavors with Leftovers: Spinach and Asparagus Pasta

    June on our Wisconsin farm and B&B, Inn Serendipity, ushers in a few weeks of chaos.  Tending everything from gardens to B&B guests, June packs in a cornucopia of duties that take time away from the kitchen and savoring the abundance of the early summer season. Don’t get me wrong as I truly relish this […] More

  • Renewing the Countryside: Five Reasons Why the Next Generation Can Revitalize Rural America

    Talk about a recipe for potential disaster.  Combine a down economy, changing agriculture practices, rising unemployment and the end result looks grim.  But here’s the secret ingredient revitalizing and greening our countryside:  young people under 35. Profiled in the new book, Renewing the Countryside: Youth, this new generation is making their mark on rural areas, […] More

  • Fast Fuel: Three Tips to Eat Healthy During the Busy Gardening Season

    As our gardens start to deliver, as I harvest my first spring veggies this time of year, I always make the same resolution:  This year I’m going to eat more fresh out of the garden. It sounds obvious, but the truth of the matter is I always get wrapped up in the garden work, from […] More

  • Freezer Finale: Three tips for Eating Through Last Season’s Harvest

    Before I can fully jump into savoring all the tempting, fresh flavors of the spring garden, there’s one last chapter I need to wrap up from last year’s growing season:  finishing up what’s left in the freezer.  My taste buds may be craving that tender new asparagus, but my rational mind reminds me to first […] More

  • Declare Your Food Independence this July 4th

    Together, we all helped symbolically dig that new organic kitchen garden on the White House lawn, firing off a message in support of local, fresh food that has been heard around the world. So, what’s next?  How can we channel this White House garden victory into a bigger, broader message that continues to plant seeds […] More

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