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  • Taking Personal Responsibility for Climate Change

    This weekend, I went to a gathering of 50 people interested in advocating for clean energy in the United States. I rode my bike there. At least a dozen people commented on what a “good girl” I was for doing so. We poured ourselves coffee and tea into paper cups. We ate our potluck lunch […] More

  • Emissions from Plastic Manufacturing Damaging Cattle DNA

    Courtesy of  Scientific American and Environmental Health News, another reason to despise plastic. According to an article by Matthew Cimitile, researchers believe that airborne pollution from plastics manufacturing may change the DNA of cattle. It all started when ranchers living 4 miles downwind from the Formosa Plastics facilities in Point Comfort, Texas noticed that their […] More

  • They Killed Sister Dorothy

    Next Wednesday night, March 25th, tune into HBO2’s premiere of the documentary They Killed Sister Dorothy at 8 pm if you want to begin to understand the violence and injustice that surrounds the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. If you aren’t going to be home, then set your Tivo. I was fortunate enough to see Daniel […] More

  • An End to Local Meat Sources?

    I am obsessed with farms and farmers markets. People that read my work probably know that by now. Did I mention that I sometimes go to three different farmers markets in a single week? One of the things I love is that in addition to fruits and veggies, my local farmers markets have vendors selling […] More

  • Building America and the Builders Challenge, the DOE’s Guide to Improving Energy Efficiency

    If you have never heard of the Department of Energy’s Building America initiative, started in the 1990’s, start paying attention. With tax incentives for home energy efficiency and the addition of the new Builders Challenge initiative, started in January of 2008 this program is likely to become increasingly popular. Building America works with research teams […] More

  • Monoculture Tree Plantations Negatively Impact Women's Lives

    In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th, a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women, the World Rainforest Movement (WRM) and Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) have released three new case studies and a video on the impacts of monoculture tree plantations on women in Nigeria, Papua New […] More

  • Sustainability-Focused Companies Out-Perform Competitors

    According to research by consulting firm A.T. Kearny, compiled in their “Green” Winners Report, “companies committed to corporate sustainability practices are achieving above average performance in the financial markets during this slowdown.” The key is that the commitment to sustainability be authentic. In cases where it is integrated into a company to deal with human […] More

  • Green in Stimulus Bill Gives Workers in Chicago Their Jobs Back

    Remember back in December when 250 laid-off workers occupied the Republic Windows and Doors Plant in Chicago? As you may recall, the company was obligated to give the workers 60 days notice, but their creditor, Bank of America, had cut of the company’s line of credit, even after receiving $25 billion in government bail out […] More

  • The Coen Brothers Take On 'Clean' Coal

    The Reality Coalition has a new campaign ad exposing the lie behind “clean” coal. This one was directed by Academy Award winning film makers, Ethan and Joel Coen, and includes the great line, “clean coal harnesses the awesome power of the word clean”. [youtube=] More

  • Paper Matters

    Paper appears to be high on the agenda of a number of organizations this week. It’s necessary. Paper is so ubiquitous – from tissues to toilet paper to memo pads to catalogs to the mess on your desk – that it is easy to forget, or perhaps more convenient to ignore, that paper manufacturing has […] More

  • Where the Kids Are: Powershift 09

    If the streets of your town suddenly seem to have less young people than normal next weekend, that’s because more than 10,000 of them are expected to converge on Washington, D.C. February 27th – March 2nd for Powershift 09.  While there, these young people will be carrying a message for Congress: we want bold, comprehensive […] More

  • An Interview with Josh Tickell About His New Film, Fuel

    When I first met Josh Tickell a few years ago, he was a blonde-haired, baby-faced, young man driving around the country in a diesel van painted with yellow sunflowers that he was running on used fast food vegetable oil. He called it the Veggie Van and he was an unabashed biofuel evangelist. I asked Josh […] More

  • Vote for Your Favorite Green Gadget

    As part of the 2009 Greener Gadgets Conference in New York on February 27th (read about the 2008 conference here), the design magazine Core 77 is presenting a green design competition. There are 50 green gadget finalists and by voting before February 20th, you can help determine which will be the top 10 that make […] More

  • Settlement Acknowledges Global Repercussions of Fossil Fuels

    During the eight environmentally dismal years of the Bush administration, environmental advocates learned how to effectively use the U.S. court system to aid their cause.  We saw this with a number of lawsuits including the Supreme Court’s ruling in Massachusetts v. EPA that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are pollutants that can be regulated […] More

  • The AFL-CIO Puts Up $1 Million for Green Jobs

    It’s nice when people put their money where their mouths are. For some time now, labor has been on the green jobs bandwagon. At this week’s Good Jobs Green Jobs conference, the AFL-CIO announced a $1 million investment from the Working for America Institute to create a Center for Green Jobs, showing just how committed […] More

  • Clean Coal? I Don't Think So!

    The next time someone tells you about clean coal, remind them of the coal ash spill in Tennessee, bigger than the Exxon Valdez disaster. Or better yet, point them to the Think Progress video that shows the reality of the clean coal oxymoron in just 34 seconds. [youtube=] More

  • Take a SPIN at Gardening

    Just over a year ago, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Roxanne Christensen, co-founder and President of the Institute for Innovations in Local Farming. The Institute promotes Small Plot Intensive (SPIN) farming techniques first codified by Wally Satzewich, a farmer from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The idea behind SPIN farming is to give step-by-step instructions for […] More

  • Wind Energy Jobs Surpass Coal Mining Jobs

    Todd Woody reported last week that the wind energy industry now employs more people than coal mining. That is 85,000 jobs in wind – a 70% increase from 2007 – to coal mining’s 81,000 jobs. Not bad for an industry that is expected to continue to grow, even if not at the levels of the […] More