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  • 5 Easy and Affordable Ways to Start Using Solar Power

    There is so much talk of green and clean energy these days, most people have at least thought about how they can use solar in their lives. Β The problem is that with a tough economy and bleak jobs market, most people just don’t have the money to invest in solar. Β Here are 5 cheap and […] More

  • Off Grid Solar Living Lesson #1: Everything Matters in Solar Powered Homes

    One of the things we’ve learned during our time living off the grid is to take nothing for granted.Β  Our system with normal sun exposure generates about 200 kilowatt hours per month.Β  While that may sound like a lot, keep in mind the average American home uses about 1000 kw-hrs in a month, so we […] More

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    Off Grid Solar Living: Lessons in Energy Efficiency

    I get a lot of people that ask me ‘What’s it like to live off the grid?’Β  I think a lot of people picture us huddled around a candle in darkened cabin in the middle of the woods.Β  Well for the first couple weeks we moved into our home, that’s exactly what it was like!Β  […] More