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  • Garden Shed Kits

    I vividly remember parasailing across a South Dakota home improvement store parking lot. Not on purpose. I’d picked up a vinyl shed panel in the wind. It was 6:15 am and I’d just been sent to clean up after a recent blizzard. Sleeting snow and wind stung my face as I skated across the slush-filled […] More

  • edison bulb chandelier

    Edison Bulbs

    Edison light bulbs refer to those wound filament bulbs made popular by the Edison Electric Light Company. Marked by twisty and almost decorative-looking filaments of tungsten and carbonized bamboo, these light bulbs have mostly fallen out of favor due to high energy consumption. Most homes are illuminated through compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) or light emitting […] More

  • coffee table with coffee and a croissant

    Rustic Coffee Tables

    Redecorating with Rustic Coffee Tables Moving into my new home, I sadly realized that a cottage by the greenbelt was going to look pretty strange with the sleek modern coffee table I had on my wishlist. In trying to stay true to the architecture I’ve got, I started shopping for some rustic coffee tables, especially […] More

  • Metal Fire Pits

    Few things express summer more than the smell of a campfire while sitting out under the stars. Add some marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers and you have the perfect setup for a summer evening. While many of us would love to go out camping, it’s not always possible. You don’t have to skip the smores […] More