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  • Ten Green Ringtones You Can Cut to Fight Big Coal

    Just when it seemed solar and wind power–with a hand from good old conservation–might be gaining ground on Big Coal, the West Virginia Coal Association comes up with a ringtone to further promote coal. Ouch! With lyrics like… West Virginia coal gonna take you on a ride, Gonna take you to the city to the […] More

  • GMO’s and the Fruit Sticker: 8 is NOT Great! 9 is Fine!

    All of the European Union nations, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries require the mandatory labeling of foods that contain genetically modified ingredients–the U.S. does not. As a result, food manufacturers in all those countries choose to use non-genetically engineered ingredients–the U.S. did not. However, there is atleast one way to tell […] More

  • Shades of Green and The Green House: By Brad Gilchrist and Peter Menice

    I got the wonderful opportunity to interview Brad Gilchrist one of the creators (along with Peter Menice) of the cartoon The Green House. We will be highlighting their weekly strip “Shades of Green” on the EcoScraps blog every Monday. As an aspiring cartoonist it was very informative and interesting to hear about the directions their […] More