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  • Instead of What?

    I’ve been contemplating the name of this blog and what it means to me personally. I don’t know the thought behind the name, as I was not involved in its development. What does insteading mean? According to the Urban Dictionary, the definition of insteading is: When you’re doing anything but the assignment that you’re supposed […] More

  • New Garden Resolutions: Mulch, Mulch, Mulch

    I’ve never been a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. I understand the intention to start a new year with healthy goals, yet they rarely last longer than a couple of months for most individuals. Instead, I am personally more successful with season resolutions. This year, as I toil away in the garden, my new […] More

  • family home and wind turbine

    Propane: The “Dirty Little Secret” of Living Off the Grid

    Living off the grid sounds romantic…no more bills from dirty energy companies, self-sufficiency, green power, etc.; however, there is one “dirty little secret” found in most alternative energy homes.  Without it, some off-gridders couldn’t cook, refrigerate, heat water, or dry clothes.  That dirty little secret is propane. Propane is a “by-product of natural gas processing and petroleum refining,”.  Due to […] More

  • The Birth Control Pill Threatens Fish Reproduction

    An estimated 80 million women worldwide take oral contraceptives (aka “the Pill”) to “inhibit ovulation and thus prevent pregnancy”.  First available to the public in the 1960s, the Pill has been pronounced as “the most significant medical advance of the 20th century”.  Although the Pill revolutionized women’s health, traces of the contraceptive are ending up […] More

  • Cigarette Butts Kill Fish According to New Study

    One of the most common forms of litter is cigarette butts. Once these butts enter waterways, they become toxic to fish. According to a new study by San Diego State University (SDSU), filter-tipped cigarette butts are deadly to marine and freshwater fish. In fact, researchers would like to have the butts classified as hazardous waste. […] More

  • Living Off-Grid: Our Micro Hydro Alternative Energy System

    As a follow up to Sean’s post on Micro Hydro Essentials, I thought I would share an overview of my system, which has powered my home for over 13 years. We are fortunate to live on rural mountain property in Northern California with a creek that is not seasonal, although the volume of water does […] More

  • Toilet to Tap: Orange County Turning Sewage Water into Drinking Water

    The Orange County Water District is purifying wastewater into drinking water at a $481 million recycling plant. The plant uses micro filtration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet light, and hydrogen peroxide disinfection. 70 million gallons of sewer water is treated a day in Orange County, California meeting the drinking needs of over 500,000 people, including visitors to […] More