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  • recycling plant

    The Story Of Our Waste

    Each day we create an excess of waste that builds up in landfills, in our oceans, and in our bodies. Here is the story of our waste. We create a ton of waste everyday, there is no denying that fact. This is especially true if you live in the United States– we would need FOUR […] More

  • organizations to which you can donate prom dresses

    5 Places To Donate Prom Dresses For Reuse

    Wearing a dress for one night isn’t a particularly efficient use of resources. You can donate prom dresses to one of these organizations for reuse by a student who may not be able to afford a new dress. More

  • Forage the Urban Bounty: 11 Crowdsourced Maps of Edible Plants

    The art of foraging goes back to our hunter-gatherer days, but most of us don’t spend much time any more walking the neighborhood looking for edible weeds and fruit trees. That’s changing, though, as many try to simplify and take advantage of food that’s available for the taking in our yards, parks, and other green […] More

  • soil block starting seeds

    The DIY Soil Block Maker: 7 Plans

    Want to try using soil blocks for starting your garden seeds this year? You can buy a soil blocker… or make your own from one of these DIY plans. More

  • What is an Intentional Community?

    Have you come across the phrase “intentional community,” but didn’t really understand what it meant? Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage resident Ma’ikwe Schaub Ludwig provides an insiders look at what it means to live in such a community.

  • DIY Biomass: Briquettes, Presses, Logs, and More

    “Biomass” is one of those terms like “alternative energy”: it could be a sustainable approach to energy generation, but isn’t always. I once sat through a talk by an energy services company executive in which he argued that forest biomass (think trees, undergrowth, etc., cut for burning) was carbon-neutral because “the plants could grow back.” […] More

  • chicken tractor

    How to Build a Chicken Tractor: 4 Plans

    Thinking about raising chickens for eggs or meat? A chicken tractor allows you to move the birds’ home around easily, so they’re getting a varied diet, and fertilizing your yard as you’d like. More

  • tires

    Building with Tires for Energy Efficiency and Disaster Resistance

    Scrap tires have been a disposal menace for decades: the EPA notes that “There are at least 275 million scrap tires in stockpiles in the U.S.,” and in 2003 (the last year for which there are figures, I assume), approximately 290 million scrap tires were generated.” Yeah, that’s a lot of tires. State and local governments […] More

  • 5 Successful Reforestation Projects

    Between the Arab Spring, the weird weather, and, well, the Casey Anthony trial, you may have missed the fact that 2011 was proclaimed “The International Year of Forests” by the UN General Assembly. This celebration is long overdue: forests not only provide habitat to animals and plants, but also purify air and water, prevent soil […] More

  • Green Business Blog Carnival #10 at Cleantechies

    Yep, moving a little slowly… I blame it on last week’s heat wave (which has finally ended). Fortunately, our friends at Cleantechies were right on the mark (and, in fairness, they had cool, pleasant weather), and got Friday’s Green Business Blog Carnival published right on schedule. Edition #10 was a little light (I’m blaming that […] More

  • stray dog

    What a Red Dawg Taught Me about Stray Animals and Sustainability

    If you’ve spent any time at my Facebook page, or are even a long-time sustainablog reader, you know I’m an animal lover. I’m also a supporter of animal adoption (both my dog, Zelda, and my wife’s horse, Trey, are adoptees), and even volunteer occasionally at the Longmeadow Rescue Ranch. I haven’t written much about issues […] More

  • living

    Seven More Homes and Buildings Made from the Darndest Things

    You might see “Seven More” above, and think “Where were the first ones?” That’s OK… we’re doing something a little unusual in the blogging world: creating a sequel to a post on another blog. Not quite a year ago, Brian Clark Howard at The Daily Green did a post on unusual green buildings that included […] More

  • sustainablog's Pedal-a-Watt Powered Blogathon coming in March

    UPDATE: The folks at Convergence Tech, Inc. have given us a very generous deal on a Pedal-a-Watt pedal power generator for the blogathon, so we’ve changed the name of the event slightly… we’re grateful for their help! A few of you may remember the last time I stayed up for 24 hours to blog for […] More

  • volcano smoke stack

    Top Global Warming Causes – Natural or Human?

    If you’ve followed the debate over climate change even a little, you likely know the main causes of global warming: concentrations of greenhouse gases build up in the Earth’s atmosphere, and create a “greenhouse,” or warming effect. You’re likely also aware that evidence of past warming periods has fueled the argument that natural causes are […] More