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  • Eating Vegan: How Much Vitamin B12 Do You Really Need?

    Although I would love nothing better than to tell you that all the nutrients you need are easily available from fresh, organic, whole plant foods B12 is unfortunately one nutrient that vegans in the developed world should be getting from supplements. But how much B12 do you need, and what are the best sources? More

  • Red Pepper And Spicy Chickpea Recipe

    This red pepper and spicy chickpea recipe is a really quick meal to put together, and is super healthy and tasty too! You can decide your own spice level… More

  • Eating Vegan: Healthy Grocery List To Stock Your Kitchen

    A good grocery list is the first step on your way to success with a healthy vegan diet. If your cupboards and fridge are full of junk, that’s what you’ll eat. If you fill your kitchen with healthy foods instead, you’ll make it much easier to follow through and achieve your goals… More

  • Moroccan Chickpea Stew Recipe + Video

    This Moroccan chickpea stew is wonderful and easy vegan recipe made on the stove or in a slow cooker (if you’re on a time budget). The smell is amazing, and the taste is even better. To see exactly how easy it is, you can watch a video of the whole process. More

  • Sundried Tomato Red Lentil Loaf

    This sundried tomato red lentil loaf makes a fantastic centerpiece to a healthy vegan meal. It’s got a huge amount of flavor, thanks to sweet potatoes, mushrooms and sundried tomatoes – and it’s super healthy, too! Proof that healthy vegan recipes can be amazingly delicious… More

  • Healthy Split Pea Soup Recipe

    This healthy split pea soup makes a great healthy vegan recipe for a cold day. It has lots of rich flavor, even though it’s vegan and healthy. The key to a really delicious pea soup is all in the cooking of the peas… More

  • 5 Best Acne Diet Tips For Clear And Healthy Skin

    Acne diet tips might seem strange, with all of the ads you see for special soaps, cleansers and medications telling us that acne is a problem with dirt or oil buildup. But the truth is, there’s a huge link between what you eat and what shows up on your skin. More

  • Lemon-Ginger Roasted Vegetable Pie

    This isn’t the type of pie with a crust, it’s vegetables made into a pie shape. It turned out so well with the beet, sweet potato and parsnip I used, but you can make this dish with any variety of veggies. Zucchini, carrots, celery root, jerusalem artichokes or any other grate-able vegetable would be perfect for this dish. More

  • Vegan Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

    One of my favorite treats (especially through the holidays) is gingerbread cookies, and I’ve gone through a lot of experimentation to come up with the best vegan gingerbread recipe. It creates the perfect texture for cutouts or houses. You can even make them into gingerbread ornaments for your tree… More

  • vegan sweet potato soup

    Indian-Spiced Sweet Potato Soup

    This vegan sweet potato soup is really tasty and simple and is jam-packed with nutrients. Starting with a base of sweet potato and onion, you can really boost the nutritional value of this healthy vegan recipe by adding zucchini, kale and fresh ginger. For those of you wondering how to get more healthy greens like kale past picky palates, this pureed soup is the perfect way to do that. Indian spices really pop with sweet potatoes for a delicious and comforting fall meal. More

  • Spiced Carrot Lentil Burgers

    These lentil burgers are one of my most popular recipes. They’re a big hit with vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters alike. More