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  • Startup FoPo Food Powders Freeze Dries Nearly Expired Fruit, Hopes To Lessen Food Waste

    Freeze-dried fruits have been included in backpacks of everyone from servicemen and women to campers. They’re lightweight and have a shelf life of years rather than days. And now mechanical engineering student, Kent Ngo, and his team over at FoPo Food Powder is taking the idea to the next level. They collect nearly expired fruits from area grocery stores and turn them into powders. This clever idea rescues unsold or ugly fruits from rotting in the trash and landfills. More

  • Tiny House, Big Living

    One look at this tiny house and you feel as if you are about to enter a doll house! With bright pink walls, Villa Hermina clearly stands out from the rest of the cottages in the area. Situated outside the southern Czech town of Černín, it was created by HSH Architekti, which unfortunately is now defunct. […] More

  • Clean Power Plan Needs Your Testimony

    While the EPA’s Clean Power Plan won’t solve climate change, it will go a long ways towards reducing US carbon emissions. Support it by adding your testimony. More

  • Efficient Wind Power Designs Advance Clean Tech Cause

    So far, the story of the US renewable energy transformation has skipped a key chapter, which is the exploitation of our massive offshore wind power potential. In the offshore wind category, the US has been lagging far behind other nations. However, the spotlight is starting to swing out to embrace this wind power option, and […] More

  • Putting the Environment First

    The choices we make every day give us the opportunity to put the environment, and the health of future generations, first. More

  • 5 Latest Trends in Sustainability

    Sustainability is a term that covers various aspects of living hand in hand with our environment, and it’s one that we can all benefit from, from cheap electricity to healthier food and cleaner cities and countryside. We take a look at five of the latest trends in sustainability below. More

  • Tiny House Made from Big Dumpster

    There’s dumpster diving, then there’s this – maybe we should call it dumpster dwelling? The Homeless Homes project is turning urban waste into small homes. More

  • Solar News Roundup

    News of recent solar business expansions and installations around the world… More

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