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  • Another Study on Link Between Sugary Drinks and Cancer

    The link between sugar and cancer is nothing new, but a recent study looked at an interesting part of the sugar-cancer equation: how factors such as age, gender, and a previous battle with cancer impacted sugar consumption. More

  • Wind Energy for a Cleaner Energy Future

    Every month, your home or business uses a mix of energy that includes fossil fuels from your electricity supplier or local utility. Would you like to use your monthly energy bill to vote for renewable energy? More

  • Junk Food Advertising Study finds Kids “Addicted”

    Children describe junk food advertising as โ€˜temptingโ€™ and โ€˜addictiveโ€™, and say they could โ€˜lick the screen,โ€™ according to a new junk food advertising study from Cancer Research UK. More

  • Two Powerful Tools to Stop Mold Growth

    Mold is a nasty substance that can be found in areas that have high moisture levels, and you need the right tools to stop mold growth. This can be in the kitchen, bathroom, on the outside of the home or in closets, basements, attics and other dark, damp places. Mold can not only cause health […] More

  • Startup FoPo Food Powders Freeze Dries Nearly Expired Fruit, Hopes To Lessen Food Waste

    Freeze-dried fruits have been included in backpacks of everyone from servicemen and women to campers. Theyโ€™re lightweight and have a shelf life of years rather than days. And now mechanical engineering student, Kent Ngo, and his team over at FoPo Food Powder is taking the idea to the next level. They collect nearly expired fruits from area grocery stores and turn them into powders. This clever idea rescues unsold or ugly fruits from rotting in the trash and landfills. More

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