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  • Smart Sprinkler Promises to Save Water and Money

    Over the years of writing for the Important Media Network (and its previous incarnation, Green Options), I have been instantly attracted to good consumer technology products that make the environment a priority. The Nest thermostat is a prime example of this, as are the various WiFi-controlled LED lights. So, when I heard about Blossom- a smart […] More

  • Loggerheads Finally Get Promised Protections, but that is only half of the story…

    Sea turtles have been swimming the planet’s waters for millions of years, surviving everything from the mass dinosaur extinction to countless natural disasters and cunning predators. In recent years however, sea turtle populations have begun to plummet as they’ve encountered the one threat they have no defenses against—us. Recently, however, there has been reason for sea turtle lovers to rejoice, as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service finally designated 740 miles of critical habitat for threatened loggerhead sea turtles along the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico shorelines. More

  • Ditch the Bottle, Keep the Pure Water

    Skip the bottle and all plastic entirely. Here’s the solution for your home or office. Quench, a company that serves half the Fortune 500, creates bottleless water coolers. More

  • Off-Grid vs. Grid-Tied Home Solar Systems

    It’s still possible to generate your own electricity whether you live in the middle of town, or the middle of nowhere. To decide which is better for you, it’s essential to know the difference between off-grid and grid-tied home solar systems. More

  • The string should be wrapped tightly between two points and twisted, so the branches can be held vertically in place while the concrete dries.

    Insteading Insight: Open-source blueprints for civilization

    Pysicist-turned-farmer-turned-social entrepreneur Marcin Jakubowski is finally starting to get some wider recognition for his incredibly innovative, ambitious, and potentially disruptive Open Source Ecology project. I first met him when he presented the still-nascent idea at Noisebridge in SF some months ago, and I’m incredibly impressed at how polished his message has become. Take a look […] More

  • Searching For a Brave New Peace with John Robb

    We all feel the weight of our financial and economic system, and most of us feel helpless to do anything about it. John Robb has a prescription for an insurgency: the open source venture. And Robb knows about insurgency. An Air Force special ops veteran, he gained notoriety for predicting the current wave of popular […] More

  • KING CORN: Film Reveals How Subsidized Corn Is Driving the Fast-Food Industry

    Editor’s Note: This post was provided by one of our paid sponsors, Earth Cinema Circle, the only DVD club dedicated to increasing social & environmental awareness through entertaining films. Written by Ariellie Ford. Behind America’s 99-cent hamburgers and 72-ounce sodas is a key ingredient that silently fuels our fast-food nation — Corn. In KING CORN, […] More