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  • 5 Sustainable Innovations in 2014 You Probably Didn't Know About

    Each year, technology and innovative advancement brings humanity a step closer to a much more sustainable existence. From renewable energy to improved methods for cultivating food and consumer products, science is lending a hand to enhance humanity’s way of life. Although many are aware of the developments of the recent past, there are many sustainable innovations […] More

  • Six Smart Home Technologies For Safer, Greener Seniors

    Smart home technology often seems like something out of The Jetsons – but it’s a fast growing industry, with equipment that can control all elements of daily living. Modern seniors are looking to age in place and reduce their environmental impact. Let’s explore the smart home technologies that make aging in place easier – and greener – […] More

  • How to Build a Keyhole Garden

    Want to maximize your gardening space with a raised bed? Consider a keyhole garden. This African-style kitchen garden puts everything you need for successful vegetable gardening right in front of you. More

  • refridgerator

    How to Buy an Energy Efficient Fridge (in 2014)

    While still responsible for about 13 percent of your home’s energy use, fridges have ditched bulky insulation for slim line panels, drastically cutting down on their consumption and giving us much more space for the energy we use. More

  • Mardi Gras in New Orleans: Keeping the Commons Common

    By Beverly Bell March 4, 2014 Today, as on every Mardi Gras Day, New Orleans is in the midst of full-on mayhem. Depending on when on Fat Tuesday you are reading this, the Zulu and Rex parades are either lining up at their staging sites or rolling down the streets amongst crazed revelers. Mardi Gras […] More

  • Google Earth Maps Global Warming at the Local Level

    The University of East Anglia has teamed up with Google to make surface temperature data easily accessible. If you’ve ever wondered how much global warming has raised local temperatures in your area or elsewhere… More

  • Ich Bin Ein Gardener: Berlin's Urban Gardens

    Tomatoes, veggies and herbs are sprouting from Berlin parks, a shopping mall rooftop and even a former airfield in community gardens that pioneer farmers say add green spice to urban life. More

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