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  • Meatless Monday: Vegan French Lentil & Portobello Burgers

    Do you ever have an insatiable craving for a delicious, summery burger — but don’t want the autolyzed yeast extract and soy protein isolates contained in many commercial veggie patties? There’s no need to go without!  You can make your own grain-free version using just a handful of healthy ingredients. Organic french lentils and fresh […] More

  • Wheatless Wednesday: Ethiopian Teff from the Pyramids to the Present

    Many people have never heard of teff, but this unique gluten-free grain dates back to the age of the pyramids.  Most often ground into flour to make injera, a fermented flat bread, teff has served as a primary food source in Ethiopia and Eritrea since approximately 3000 B.C.  Despite its enduring history as an African […] More

  • Food Policy Friday: Barack Obama’s Advisors Have Ties to Monsanto

    There’s an organic garden on Barack Obama’s lawn. The First Family eats local, organic, and seasonal food. So why did the President’s scientific advisory team for last fall’s election include Sharon Long, a former member of Monsanto’s board of directors? And why did Obama recently appoint Barbara Schaal, a plant geneticist with connections to Monsanto, […] More

  • Wheatless Wednesday: Boost Vitamin A, C and K Intake with Four-Color Coleslaw

    The dawn of summertime — just over a week away — calls for barefoot lunches, iced coffee, blossoming flowers, and colorful produce. And what better food to showcase summer’s brightness than a refreshing, cooling coleslaw? Purple cabbage, white-stemmed chard, orange carrots, and green zucchini combine for the perfect combination of crunch and tang.  This naturally […] More

  • Food Policy Friday: FDA to Conform to EPA Standards for E.Coli in Bottled Water

    Drinking water poses a threat due to possible perchlorate contamination and BPA leaching from plastic, but it seems reasonable to assume that in the United States, bottled water is free from fecal matter.  Yet until now, there were no requirements to test source water — 70% of which comes from the the same place as […] More

  • Wheatless Wednesday: 6 Reasons to Reject Monsanto’s Roundup-Ready Wheat

    Last month, Canada, the United States, and Australia announced unprecedented plans to join forces and commercialize genetically-engineered wheat, saying that biotechnology was crucial to the future of the wheat industry. The National Farmers Union of Canada, however, immediately refuted the tri-country claim, pointing out “the overwhelming majority of farmers in Canada are still opposed to […] More

  • Food Policy Friday: Call to Action Against Bayer’s Glufosinate-Resistant LL62 Rice

    The chemical giant Bayer — the same Bayer which brought you aspirin, heroin and mustard gas, and currently manufactures a wide variety of pesticides, herbicides, polyurethanes and other questionable chemicals — has wrapped their toxic fingers around our rice. This is nothing new. The company’s glufosinate-resistant LL62 genetically modified rice isn’t commercially grown, but that […] More

  • Wheatless Wednesday: 6 Alternatives to 87,000 Slices of Bread

    Over the course of a lifetime, the average American consumes over 87,000 slices of bread.  Yes, you read that correctly — eighty seven thousand. That’s more than a loaf per week per person, not counting the additional 5,000 hot dog buns and 12,000 hamburger buns each American devours in his or her life. All that […] More

  • Wheatless Wednesday: My Top Three Gluten Free Staples with Inspiring Snack Ideas

    There are so many fabulous whole foods that are naturally wheatless, from plump, juicy, healing fruits to bright, crisp vegetables to satisfying, protein-rich legumes.  But when it comes to carbohydrates — you know, the baked goods and pasta we all crave from time to time — things get a little bit more challenging.  But who […] More

  • Obama’s Administration Refuses to Halt Production of Monsanto’s Genetically-Modified Roundup-Ready Sugar Beets

    Recent data showing sugar’s rising popularity over high fructose corn syrup is good news, right?  Not if that sugar is genetically-modified.  In fact, if you’ve purchased beet sugar recently, there’s a very good chance that you’ve unintentionally consumed a genetically-modified product. Industry statistics show that more than half of the sugar beets grown in the […] More

  • What’s for Breakfast? “GIR-reat” Gluten-Free, Corn-Free Waffles

    If you’ve ever seen an episode of the canceled Nickelodeon show Invader Zim, you’ll undoubtedly know that Zim’s robotic pet, GIR, loves waffles.  He always seems to be cooking up a batch of them at the most inopportune moments.  As my fridge never seems to be without a ready-to-go bowl of waffle batter, I can […] More

  • Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez Seizes Cargill, Minnesota-Based Rice Producer

    Want to sell your rice for a cost higher than the government thinks you should? Or slow production to a pace lower than the government’s ideal? Try that in Venezuela, and you’ll have Hugo Chavez’ troops at your company’s doorstep. On Saturday, Venezuela’s dictator gave orders to the military to “take control” of all rice-processing […] More

  • EU Upholds Austria, Hungary’s Right to Ban Genetically Modified MON 810 Maize

    On the table in the European Union yesterday was the question of MON 810 Maize, a genetically-modified type of of corn.  Developed by the United States-based Monsato Company, MON 810 releases an insecticide intended to kill European corn borer larvae before the pests can harm the plant.  Although the engineered corn is currently approved for […] More

  • Mushrooms, Grasses Could Replace BHT and other Artificial Preservatives

    Recently my husband was reading the ingredients list on the side panel of a cereal box, and he asked, “What’s BHT?”  His question got me thinking.  Would consumers gulp down that box of ready-made breakfast cereal if BHT was listed “butylated hydroxytoluene, a potential carcinogen”, instead? My mind turned to this article from last year […] More

  • Have your Corn-and-Pesticide-Free Strawberry Shortcake…and Eat it Too!

    It’s strawberry season, at least for those of us who live in the temperate western or southern regions of the United States.   But before you rush out to snatch up a flat of the sweet-smelling jewels from the stand on the corner, keep in mind that strawberries rank sixth on the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty […] More

  • Corn-Allergy Sufferers Face Hidden Corn Everywhere

    Lick a gummed envelope flap to seal it, and you’ve just tasted corn.  Lather up with shampoo, and you’ve got corn seeping in to your pores.  Brush your teeth, and you’ve got corn in your mouth.  Walk past the perfume counter in any department store, and you’ve just inhaled corn into your lungs.  The madness […] More

  • University Launches Sustainable Food Degree Program

    “I’m going to engage in hands-on organic gardening and culinary studies while immersed in the world of local and sustainable food systems.”  If a college student told me this, I would assume that he or she planned to step away from the classroom and take a hiatus from secondary education. But for Montana State University […] More

  • More-with-Less Still Delivers After Twenty-Five Years

    When searching for a natural-foods cookbook, it’s easy to get swept away in the eye-popping visuals, the thick, glossy pages, and the sleek typefaces.  The choices are dizzying; one national bookseller offers over 15,000 cooking titles, and that’s not even counting the 150,000 additional options offered in the wellness section. But while colorful photos of […] More