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  • Manure-to-Biogas at Dairy Farms Gets EPA and USDA Boost

    The Energy Departmentโ€™s methane biogas program has been chugging away in relatively obscurity for several years, and now thatโ€™s all about to change. The agency has just teamed up with EPA and the Department of Agriculture to announce a new initiative for ramping up manure-to-biogas at dairy farms and other farming operations, called the Biogas Opportunities Roadmap.

  • Strawesome Glass Straws: BPA-Free Sipping with Style

    Several years ago a Little Shop of Horrors-variety dentist turned what was supposed to be a routine teeth cleaning into a painful years-long affair in which my teeth were incredibly sensitive to cold. Having a glass of ice water or cold green smoothie brought lots of discomfort with it. Rather than living a life of warm smoothies (I believe they call that soup), I started looking into ways around my pain. Enter glass straws. More

  • Fed by Threads: Clothing that Fights Hunger

    If youโ€™re looking to upgrade your wardrobe, and you want to buy your clothes from a sustainable clothing company thatโ€™s not only making their apparel from organic fabrics, but is supporting the flagging US apparel industry, as well as feeding the hungry with every sale, then Fed by Threads should be your next stop. More

  • How to Grow Herbs In a Container Garden

    Growing herbs indoors in pots is a wonderful way to continue the fresh flavors and nutritional benefits of fresh food into winter. If you want to know how to grow herbs on a patio or balcony, there are some things to consider before beginning your container herb garden. More

  • Could you be a diet planner and fitness coach?

    We see stories in the news everyday about the sorry state of personal health, especially in developed countries, including the trends of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other related effects that declining health can have on the body. But along with those health issues, there is a growing interest in getting fit and healthy and learning to eat better, so if you have an interest in fitness and nutrition, and want to help others help themselves, then one green business idea to consider is starting a personal trainer and diet planning business. More

  • Food App that Fights Hunger: Meet Mogl

    Making a difference in someoneโ€™s life isnโ€™t nearly as hard as you might think, and sometimes itโ€™s the simplest of things that people really need โ€“ such as getting enough food to eat. And you donโ€™t necessarily need to give up something in order to help feed the hungry, as this food app from Mogl demonstrates. More

  • Growing Garlic in Your Fall Garden

    Fall is here! If you think that the cooler weather means that you can’t grow any food, think again. There are lots of cold-weather veggies and herbs that you can plant. It might be a little bit late to grow many fall plants from seed, but you can choose seedlings and get that fall garden started this very weekend! More