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  • 5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Used Tiny House

    Buying a house, tiny or large, is a complicated affair. Most of us aren’t builders or work in construction, so it’s a challenge to make sure we are buying a quality house when we’re searching for our future home. This is especially the case when it comes to buying a used tiny house because there […] More

  • bees on flower

    Plants That Will Help Save The Bees

    It’s no secret that our environment has been suffering over the years. The state of the bee population is one of the issues that worries me the most. Honey bees, along with other bees, butterflies and pollinators are responsible for the health and growth of a large percentage of our flowering plants. Pollinators like honey […] More

  • vinegar

    Homemade Vinegar

    Vinegar: Making it is easier than you think. In its simplest form, vinegar is alcohol that has been diluted and fermented. You can use fruit juice, fruit scraps, wine, or beer. If given the chance to ferment, they will eventually turn into vinegar. What one does with “not great” wine (any other ideas, let me […] More

  • making queso fresco

    How To Make Queso Fresco

    There are so many reasons to skip the supermarket and stick to your kitchen these days. If you want to avoid the crazy crowds, save money, and make healthier choices, then you’ll love this easy recipe for homemade queso fresco! Any chance we get to make homemade, wholesome recipes, feels like a win in our […] More

  • black walnuts being processed

    Black Walnut Trees

    The black walnut tree is a part of the tree species Juglandaceae. While they’re native to some parts of Canada, you will most likely find black walnut trees in the United States. In the states, black walnut trees are found in Georgia, Florida, South Dakota, and Texas. In Canada, you are most likely to see […] More

  • homemade butter in mason jar

    How To Make Butter

    There’s nothing more delectable than a smear of creamy, fresh butter on warm bread. Whether you’re baking French pastries, sautéing green beans, or serving hot popcorn, you’ll want butter within easy reach. Skip The Supermarket Real butter, not margarine or butter substitute, can get pricey, especially if you do a lot of home baking or […] More

  • bread making

    Bread Proofing

    When you’re in the process of baking bread, proofing refers to the final rise after you shape your dough into loaves. It’s an important rest period before baking, also known as fermentation. Fermentation is when the yeast is allowed to leaven the dough, and at times the words proof and fermentation and used interchangeably. Proofing […] More

  • cows in pasture

    Sharing A Cow: The Real Experience

    Sunday morning at the grocery store can feel like running a marathon. You enter the race as you push your grocery cart, with a bum wheel, through the automatic doors, and onto the floor. You weave through crowded aisles, check things off your list, and dodge long checkout lines. By the time you’re loading up […] More

  • food served in a cast iron skillet

    Cooking With Cast Iron

    What is durable, reliable, endlessly useful, and ruggedly handsome? A cast iron fry pan! If you are looking to have a good sear on a piece of meat or add minerals to your food, this is the skillet for you. How Cooking With Cast Iron Is Different Cast iron pans are no ordinary pan – they […] More

  • stack of playing cards

    10 Homesteading Games You Should Play Tonight

    Having fun on the homestead is an essential part of life! At least, in my opinion, it is. I see the truth in the proverb that says, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!” We all need a little downtime, and for those of you who enjoy board games and/or video games, […] More

  • loaf of sourdough bread on red towel

    How To Make Sourdough

    Sourdough bread is one of the oldest forms of bread known. It’s so old that it is impossible to tell just how old it is! The oldest loaf found dates back to 3700 B.C. and was excavated in Switzerland. Now that is an old loaf of bread. But what makes sourdough bread so different from […] More

  • fire cider in mason jars

    Fire Cider

    In a nutshell, fire cider is apple cider vinegar infused with spicy and aromatic ingredients like habaneros, onions, and horseradish. Fire cider is a modern relative of the ancient four thieves vinegar, a legendary herb and vinegar infusion believed to protect against the plague. The story goes that a group of thieves was caught robbing […] More

  • tinctures and foraged herbs and flowers

    How To Make Tinctures

    Tinctures are used for many different medicinal purposes. You can find tinctures for congestion, coughs, cold & flu, arthritis and so much more. It really comes down to the herbs and medicinal plants you’re using and what their healing properties consist of. Before I begin the how-to portion of this article, I’d like to share […] More

  • rhubarb garden

    Homestead Stories: Great Grandpa’s Rhubarb

    The first heavy frost has just hit and the temperature has taken a nose dive well below freezing. The gardens are all tucked in their beds, well covered with leaves. Little nobs still poke their heads above the frozen earth, but the remnants of my great grandfather’s rhubarb are well blanketed with a thick layer […] More

  • jerusalem artichoke tubers

    Jerusalem Artichokes

    I first discovered Jerusalem artichokes about four years ago in Arkansas. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I saw the 5-foot stalk with a yellow flower that looked like a miniature sunflower without the seeds. I flipped through my edible plants book, surfed the web, did some research and was pleased […] More

  • secret garden

    Homestead Stories: Secret Gardens

    Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote a charming young people’s novel. First published in book form in 1911, “The Secret Garden” lures the reader into a world of discovery and possibilities, all in a garden, shut off from the rest of the world. It’s kept secret for years until a little girl discovers the key. Overgrown from […] More

  • Making Homemade Kombucha

    Kombucha, the fermented, sweetened tea that has caught the attention of many, has actually gone through several phases of popularity over the years. The traditional tonic is quite trendy right now, but the natural probiotic drink has a number of health benefits and tasty flavors that date back to 221 B.C when it was known as […] More

  • chickens drinking water

    Lessons From Facing Death On The Homestead

    As a small girl in my suburban neighborhood, dealing with death was something unusual. So when my pet fish died, tears were shed and a solemn, toilet-side funeral was held, complete with speeches! Any time I found a dead baby bird in the spring, my long-suffering father would kindly wrap it in tissues and bury […] More

  • man walking through woods

    Forest Therapy

    Shinrin-yoku. Forest bathing. Forest Therapy. No matter what you call the practice, the goal is the same: for humans to use the forest as medicine. History of Forest Bathing Shinrin-yoku is a term that means “taking in the forest atmosphere” or, more simply, forest bathing. The practice was developed in Japan in the early 1990s […] More

  • yellow dye, green dye, brown dye, purple dye

    How To Dye Fabric Naturally

    If you are a homesteader or just a do-it-yourselfer you are going to love this. Natural dyes! I once dyed my curtains using turmeric. They turned out a beautiful golden yellow that complimented the room beautifully. Natural dyes, dyes, or ants, as they are called, are derived from plants, invertebrates or minerals. Most natural dyes […] More

  • Homestead Stories: Memories Of Carving Pumpkins

    The shape isn’t perfect – it never is. It’s rather flat on one side since that’s the way it laid on the ground while it grew. Its shape adds character. At least, one can imagine that it does. Washed and then dried, it sits on the kitchen table awaiting its demise. Or, perhaps, its re-creation […] More

  • goal zero yeti solar power generator

    Portable Solar Power Systems

    Did you know that the amount of energy produced by all of the world’s nations is still less than the amount of energy provided to Earth by the sun in a single hour? The sun is, without a doubt, the biggest power plant on the planet, and for that reason, everyone who leads a self-sufficient […] More

  • brown cow standing in grass next to pile of manure

    Why Manure Is The Unsung Hero of the Homestead

    When I lived in the city, I had the luxury of ignoring poop. If a neighbor’s dog left it on my tiny lawn, it was a rude, unusual inconvenience. Aside from what I delicately flushed into oblivion with the touch of a lever, my experiences with poop were largely nonexistent. My suburban upbringing trained me […] More

  • pile of new fall leaves

    Using Fall Leaves For Winter Mulch

    I love my garden and I love working in it. Unfortunately, it’s a seasonal thing. Once winter approaches I do all I can to protect and preserve my garden for the next spring. Many people, myself included, cover their gardens with mulch. Others purchase mulch chips for their garden. Personally, I let the leaves fall […] More

  • Flowers From Garden To Canvas

    I love my garden, but sadly, it’s only a seasonal thing. The remainder of the year, I look out at the bleak leaf and snow-covered earth surrounded by barren trees and shrubs. Even the fungus, which creates artistic designs during the summer and early autumn, is hidden. I can sit inside and dream about the […] More

  • copperhead snake laying in woods

    Homestead Stories: Dealing With A Copperhead Den

    I knew before making the move to Arkansas several years ago that I would get to see a lot of snakes, especially since Central Arkansas is hot, humid, and rocky. The climate in combination with the rocky terrain makes the area perfect for snakes. I’ve encountered beautiful queen snakes, king snakes, garter snakes, and many […] More

  • shovel and compost bin

    What I Did When My Compost Got Smelly

    “Ugh! What’s that smell?” I still remember the exclamations that came from our next door neighbor, back in the day when we lived nestled way too close together in not-so-blissful suburbia. Over time the exclamations continued, “I can’t sit out here. It positively reeks.” After that came the pointing and glaring. The Source Of The […] More

  • Recent Plastic Bag Bans

    Plastic bag bans have gone from a relatively new phenomenon in the United States, to a hot button topic where sides appear to be quite divided in recent years. When looking at the short history of bag bans, we remember San Francisco becoming the first American city to approve a plastic bag ban in 2007. […] More

  • 15 Seeds You Should Save

    If you enjoy your current plant varieties, you may want to save the seeds for next year. A healthy garden, both flowers and vegetables, is certainly something to be proud of. Inevitably there will be some plants that you prefer over others, and as luck will have it, some of these plants will be annuals. […] More

  • How To Start A Blueberry Patch With Three Plants

    There are many reasons why you should introduce blueberries into your landscape, and the first is they’re delicious. Blueberries are a tiny, but mighty fruit that packs a punch. Full of antioxidants, cancer-fighting, and having anti-aging properties, blueberries should be a part of your summer diet. These were absolutely delicious! #blueberries #eatyourfruit #summerdays #delicious A post […] More

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