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  • smoothie bowl

    High Fat, High Protein Vegan Snacks

    High fat is a term that often scares people away, I know. We’ve been told for decades that fat is bad for us, and because of ad campaigns and flawed science, there is a fundamental misunderstanding that leads us to believe fatty foods means fat on the body – but this is just not true. […] More

  • bamboo cooking utensils

    30 Gifts For Bakers

    Baking helps make your house into a home and is a lovely way to show the people in your life that you care for them. And there is no better time than the holidays to start (or begin again) with baking traditions. But if your baking supplies could use a bit of an upgrade – […] More

  • Vegan Cheese

    Vegan cheese has come a long way in the two decades since I started eating it, and there are more options than ever for those of us that don’t (or can’t) eat dairy.   15 Varieties of Vegan Cheese Below I’ve detailed the most common brands of vegan cheeses, what the best uses are for […] More

  • Vegan Gift Guide: 25 Items For Every Vegan On Your List

    More and more people are turning to veganism as a compassionate and health-conscious lifestyle, so that means you probably have at least a few veg-heads in your life. And at some point, you’re going to have an occasion to give a gift to those vegan friends, family, or office mates. And to remove any anxiety […] More

  • Edible Mushrooms

    No doubt, white mushrooms (also known as button mushrooms) are yummy. Those little white fungi that you can find at nearly every grocery store are adorable, affordable, and super versatile for cooking. You can turn them into veggie tacos, stroganoff, scrambles, veggie burgers, and they are the perfect shape and size for stuffing. Button mushrooms have […] More

  • foraged mushrooms in bin

    Mushroom Hunting

    Hunting or foraging for wild mushrooms can be a very rewarding experience, but knowing which mushrooms are edible is a key skill to have before heading out into the woods. In this guide we’ll share the best tips and tricks for edible mushroom hunting, discuss the best mushrooms available for foraging in different regions of […] More

  • How to Prevent Heart Disease with Diet

    Could heart disease be as infrequent as malaria in the future? In this video, Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks with doctors, researchers, and individuals about how eating a plant-based diet can make you ‘heart attack proof’ and help prevent heart disease. More

  • Why is the Government Pushing GMOs?

    The government has had a hand in marketing the least healthy foods for decades. This pro-GMO program isn’t much different from the USDA checkoff programs that promote meat and dairy to consumers. More

  • Why Palm Oil is a Problem for People & Planet

    Palm oil is found in everything from vegan butter to shampoo, and it has devastating consequences for people and planet. Learn why palm oil is a problem, and find out which companies are making commitments to more sustainable palm oil production. More

  • Delicious Eats at Envision Festival, Costa Rica

    We are headed to Envision Festival next week! This festival brings together permaculture, herbal healing, yoga, improve and arts, and electronic music on the beaches of Uvita, Costa Rica. Here are some tips about the food situation! More

  • Empowering Communities with Urban Agriculture in Detroit

    The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative has just announced America’s First Sustainable Urban Agrihood: 3 acres of farmland featuring 2-acre urban garden, a 200-tree fruit orchard, a children’s sensory garden, and more nestled among vacant land and abandoned homes.


  • Meat Fraud: What’s really in the meat you eat?

    Whether you choose poultry, beef, or fish, it’s likely you’re getting a lot more than you bargained for! Plumped up chicken, injected shrimp, mislabeled fish and so much more happen in the world of meat fraud. More

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