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  • California Product Stewardship Act Aims for Friendlier Product Designs, Packaging

    A bill introduced by assemblyman Wesley Chesbro (D-Arcata) aims to reduce waste, litter, and greenhouse gases and create thousands of green jobs. The California Product Stewardship Act, AB 283, also would tackle the front end of product life cycles by incentivizing producers to design products and packaging that are less toxic, more durable, reusable, recyclable […] More

  • Habitat for Humanity Founder Buried in Shipping Crate, Without Headstone

    During the moments I take to write this blog entry, Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat for Humanity and an international beacon for the poor and the do-gooding prosperous alike, is finding his final resting place at Koinonia Farm in Georgia. He died earlier this week at 74. Millard Fuller impacted my life profoundly — lastingly […] More

  • Japanese Researchers Turn Cow Dung Into Fuel; Say Can Use Human Waste, Too

    Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Professor Junichi Takahashi and the Sumitomo Corporation research group (both in Japan) have jointly developed technology to produce hydrogen from cattle dung and urine for use in fuel cells. They say the same can be done with human waste. The researchers say the process allows for the production […] More

  • Luna Road Calls on the Sun's Power to Beautify Night Driving, Enhance Safety

    Luna Road Lights is looking at road safety, driven by the sun. In the Luna Road concept, solar-powered LEDs known as “cat eyes” line the edges and lanes of roads. The intent is a clean, green life-preserver that enables better night awareness. According to a Luna Road press release published online by LEDs Magazine: Luna […] More

  • When Opposites Do Not Attract, Then What: To Each Our Own and Good Luck?

    I’ve been thinking. Since I’m not an ironclad expert on … well, much of anything … what I think I bring to any discussion table is the interest in critical thought. And, as I’ve mentioned in past posts here at sustainablog, even that contribution – or the interest in making it – has wavered in […] More

  • Congratulations, ExxonMobil! You've Set Another Profits Record: $14.8 Billion

    It was a glorious summer for the giant of oil giants. Record prices for petroleum and so record prices at the pump unsurprisingly have retained ExxonMobil’s righteous crown as the most profitable company in the world: $14.8 billion in profit this past quarter. According to the New York Times, Exxon has exceeded $10 billion in […] More

  • Another Inconvenient Truth: Are We Too Divided to Close the Ideological Gap?

    Some days my hope wavers that this polarized American society can get anywhere meaningful. The communication gap is so wide and prickly. That goes for environmental issues, political ones, cultural ones and any other kinds of ones. Sometimes it just seems hopeless to me. Or at least very fatiguing. Consider my most recent sustainablog post […] More

  • NASA Maps Global CO2 Patterns; Produces More Science for Nonbelievers to Dispute

    NASA and a pair of California universities have published the first global satellite maps of the key greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in Earth’s mid-troposphere, an area about five miles above Earth. [social_buttons] An article posted at says: A research team led by Moustafa Chahine of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., found the distribution […] More

  • Mongo, Freegan and Dumpster Dive: Continuing The Life Cycle of "Junk"

    Fellow sustainablogger Robin Shreeves recently wrote a great and helpful post — Your Trash Just Doesn’t Disappear, Stupid! (Or How To Make Sure Useful Things Stay Out of Landfills) — that touches on a bit of a phenomenon that piques my interest: mongoing, freeganism, dumpster diving. The term “dumpster diving” probably conjures certain derogatory images: […] More

  • EPA Uses Google Earth-based Interactive Database to Spot Energy Opportunities

    The Environmental Protection Agency has released an interactive Google Earth-based database which pinpoints energy development opportunities on contaminated properties. According to Biofuels Digest, the EPA’s site shows opportunities for solar, wind and biomass benefits, by combining Google Earth visuals with the database list of places that show promise for progress. The “Renewable Energy on Contaminated […] More

  • Genomatica Turns Bacteria Into Plastic

    Scientific American reports that like so many elements in the world, it’s all in the use and volume for whether that something, say poison or E. coli, is a friend or foe: “Escherichia coli (E. coli) can give you a severe case of food poisoning or, with a little genetic engineering, a useful plastic.” San […] More

  • ‘Dr. Phil’ Raps About Motorists & Cyclists, and the Laws that Bind — Take 2

    Earlier this week, I posted a section of the β€œMissouri State Law for Motorists Interacting with Bicyclistβ€œ for two constructive reasons: To communicate actual-factual, useful information straight from a government horse’s mouth which could benefit the too-common misunderstanding that occurs between motorists and cyclists on the road And as an example that is likely similar […] More

  • Religion and Darwin…and Politics, Business & Environmental Stewardship

    Fellow Green Options blogger, Sam Aola Ooko, recently related that there has been a reconciliation of religion and evolution. As written in that EcoWorldly blog post — St. Charles Darwin Unveiled: Catholics, Anglicans Finally Agreed on Evolution — it seems that the Vatican and the Church of England have decided that there is a place […] More

  • T. Boone Pickens Plan — Bidding for Renewable Energies or Water Grab?

    T. Boone Pickens, a billionaire Texan known for many things over his 84 years I’m sure, has been on television and YouTube touting his conversion. Pickens is known for building wealth through oil and hardball business tactics, but of late has been talking up the need to use wind power and natural gas for a […] More

  • Moving House Via Bike Seems Like Environmental, Friendly Community Fun

    Flipping through pages of the Internet the other day I ran across a group in Boulder, Colo., who moved their home goods via their bikes — furniture, appliances, everything. I know they aren’t the only ones ever to have done it. (I searched a little more.) So now I’m curious to know how common this […] More

  • T. Boone Pickens: Oil Dependence 'Is One Emergency We Can't Drill Our Way Out Of'

    T. Boone Pickens, billionaire Texas oil man, has been pushing his come-to-Jesus revelations in television — and YouTube — commericals lately. Which is to say, he’s figured out there’s money to be made, and an energy independence to be had, in alternative energies. Some may question Pickens’ motivations and his methods of doing business with […] More

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