Atlanta Brewery Makes Beer from Harvested Rainwater

5 Seasons Brewery in Atlanta, Georgia, is now brewing beer from rainwater harvested on site, setting a new standard for environmental sustainability in water issues. The brewery produced the first rainwater beer for the National Conference for the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA), and the restaurant and brewery says they will now brew all their beers from rainwater.

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“The processed rainwater not only fulfills our commitment to environmentally responsible production, but it also tastes better than municipal water, which ultimately makes a smoother, better tasting beer.” – Crawford Moran, brewmaster for 5 Seasons

5 Seasons had their rainwater harvesting system installed by RainHarvest Systems, a permanent 750 gallon catchment system collecting rainwater from the roof of the restaurant. The catchment includes a 6 stage filtration system with UV sterilization, so don’t worry about getting fallen leaves in your brew…

The brewery initially produced the rainwater beer for publicity events for RainHarvest which promote public awareness of rainwater collection.

“We are extremely excited with our new partnership with 5 Seasons Brewery. We believe it uniquely demonstrates the broad array of applications where rainwater can be used instead of chemically treated drinking water; plus it is a great way to create public awareness of rainwater harvesting.” – Randy Kauk, RainHarvest Systems President

The Atlanta brewery also burns used vegetable oil from the restaurant’s kitchen to boil the wort for brewing.

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Author: Derek Markham

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