AQUS Gray Water System Recycles Sink Water to the Toilet

Have you been hit with heavy water bills recently? It might be worth looking into a gray water system. Triple Pundit points us to the AQUS gray water system, which saves up to seven gallons of water per person each day by capturing water from the sink and transferring it to the flusher.

The system works by filtering sink water through bromine and chlorine tablets that kill dangerous bacteria. A 5.5 gallon holding tank installed under the sink holds filtered water, and a p-trap sends water from the sink into the tank. A copper or flex tube directs the water from the holding tank into the toilet bowl. At the same time, a fill-control device prevents fresh water from entering the toilet.

At $200-$300, the AQUS won’t break the bank–and upfront costs can be quickly returned by savings on water bills. Just take a quick glance at your monthly water bill and slash seven gallons a day from the cost. The water might not be clean enough to drink (and who drinks from the toilet bowl anyway?), but AQUS claims that “reused water from the reservoir tank is disinfected and filtered and should not be harmful to animals or humans.” Other companies selling gray water systems include ReWater Systems, Perpetual Water, and Brac Systems.

If you don’t want to shell out the cash for a pre-made system, gray water systems can be fun–but labor-intensive–DIY projects. Oasis Design provides a plethora of information on the practicalities of building gray water systems.

[Via Triple Pundit]

Written by Ariel Schwartz

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