Aqualibrium – Aquaponics on a Home Scale

The Aqualibrium Garden offers apartment dwellers and homeowners with limited outdoor growing space or season a chance to grow their own food with an aquaponics system that fits with most décor.

Aquaponics involves a closed loop system, where fish waste is cycled into the base of a growing medium for plants. The plants are automatically watered and fertilized. It sounds like a futuristic idea, except that it’s being done. The appeal of aquaponics lies in its efficiency. Fish produce waste – goldfish produce lots of it. The waste is perfect for plants. When I clean my fish tank, I carry the waste water out to my fig tree. It loves the extra fertilizer boost. Aquaponics eliminates the step of carrying the fish waste outside.

The garden comes with LED grow lights, so you can grow your plants in a dim corner of the living room, if you prefer, and you can grow them year round. The small size of the garden (four feet high by about two feet wide) means it will fit just about anywhere. Pick any fish from the local pet store for the fish tank and grow your favorite vegetables or herbs in the two square feet of garden space on top.

The Aqualibrium Garden is in the Kickstarter stage and funds are needed to start production on these cute, but practical home gardens. The project is more than three-quarters of the way to full funding.

The Aqualibrium Garden — The Future of Food, For Any Apartment, House, Or Room (via Clean Technica)

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Author: Heather Carr

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