Anti-terrorist Parking Structure is Not Messing Around

This simple parking lot structure is helping keep US buildings safe from terrorist attacks, by utterly f***ing up anyone who tries to drive through it.

A new parking-lot structure developed at Texas A&M will go a long way towards keeping public buildings safe from ground-based acts of foreign or domestic terrorist attacks. At least, that’s what its designers- a team of engineers from both the Texas A&M Transportation Institute and the US State Department– hope the new structures will do.

Checking out their video, above, I gotta say I do pretty safe.

The “crash-worthy structures” are thick concrete wrapped over a metal core that extends deep into the ground on either side of the thing. Like, deeper than you’d think- which makes stopping a terrorist-driven, medium-duty commercial truck loaded down with (what could be) high explosives an easy play.

“The goal was to prevent the truck bed from making it further than one meter past the barrier, a spot marked by a blue pole at the testing site,” said the team in a Daily Mail interview. “None of the truck’s bed made it past the barrier, marking the test a success.” Researchers said it’s not a concern if the driver dies in the crash (translation: the driver would totally die in the crash, see below).


Anti-terrorist Parking Structure


Source | Images: Texas Tribune, via Core 77.

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