3 Easy Ways To Show Your Support For Occupy Wall Street

We Support Occupy Wall Street

This is a crucial time for the Occupy Wall Street movement. Yesterday, the NYPD carried out orders from Mayor Michael Bloomberg to destroy the encampment at Zuccotti Park and evict the thousands of protesters demonstrating there.

Journalists were blocked from watching the eviction, during which officers of the NYPD destroyed personal property, including the OWS kitchen, library, medical tent, and permaculture teaching stations. Volunteers that tried to defend these areas were arrested.

Tomorrow, the global Occupy Wall Street movement is planning a massive day of action. Despite the 1%’s best attempts to squash this uprising, the movement is stronger than ever. Every day, more people are becoming aware of the corruption in our government, and they’re tired of suffering in silence.

Here are 3 easy ways to support Occupy Wall Street during the November 17th day of action:

1. Get to your local protest tomorrow. Take the day off from work if you can, or use your lunch hour. Bring your children, invite your friends. It is crucial that OWS demonstrate its awesome power through the sheer number of people that participate. You don’t have to say anything or carry a sign. Just your presence will send a loud message of solidarity to the 99% around the world.

If you’re not sure where your local OWS protest will gather tomorrow, search on www.november17.org, occupytogether.org, or pol.moveon.org/event/weare99 to find an event near you.

2. Donate Supplies To Help Rebuild

It has been confirmed that leaders of cities with major occupations colluded with the Department of Homeland Security to coordinate the riot-cop raids we’ve seen over the past few days. This is a direct violation of First Amendment Rights and shows just how worried the government is that Occupy Wall Street will be successful. The best way to respond to this police-state action is by rebuilding. Since tents, warm clothes, and food were stolen from the occupiers in these cities, they desperately need supplies to survive.

Check out this OWS Donation page to find out what is needed and how you can help provide it. Also, search for your local protest on Facebook (Occupy + your town or region) to make direct contact with local occupiers and find out what they need.

3. Move Your Money

We’ve talked about this before in the context of Bank Transfer Day, but the truth is there is no bad day to reclaim your money from the Big Banks and credit card companies. These corporations have profited off of the misfortune of others for decades, and used that profit to install policies that create economic disparity instead of a strong middle class. They may not listen to petitions or speeches or protest chants, but they will listen to money. Millions of dollars moved out of for-profit banks and into non-profit, community-based credit unions during Bank Transfer Day. Let’s keep that momentum moving in the right direction!

Check out Banks vs. Credit Unions: Which One Is Right For You? and How To Move Your Money Out Of The Bank over at Care2.com for more info.


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Author: Beth Buczynski

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