2009 Environment Award for Ozzi Kleen Greywater Recycling Systems

Wastewater recycling for both domestic and commercial use is becoming more and more of an issue around the world, and one Australian company is making great strides in the recycling and reuse field that could have major implications. Suncoast Waste Water Management has been recognized with a 2009 Environment Award for their Ozzi Kleen Greywater Treatment System.

Ozzi Kleen is Reinventing Greywater Recycling

Ozzi Kleen is Reinventing Greywater Recycling

In essence, Suncoast Waste Water Management has developed a treatment system for urban communities to re-use and recycle the greywater that has up until new gone into the sewer system. There are many greywater systems available for domestic use that divert and store greywater for other uses, but the innovation and advantage of the Ozzi Kleen Greywater Treatment System GST10 is that it enables people to go beyond diversion and storage and move into actually recycling their greywater into other domestic uses like toilets, wash machines and outdoor uses.

The system addresses the safe and approved use of greywater in and around the home- it treats the water by turning toxins into harmless compounds. The product is currently being used by South East Queensland residents who are connected to municipal sewerage, giving them the opportunity to reuse and recycle household greywater, addressing and solving the issue of various soap products that end up in greywater.

Ozzi Kleen also places a focus on community awareness, hosting weekly visitors from Australia’s Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE to the Kunda Park for education about wastewater recycling. Suncoast Waste Water Management volunteers their factory for training, incorporating not just a strong, innovative product into the marketplace bu an educational program around sustainable water management practices to go with it.

As the need for effective and safe greywater recycling systems grows, look for solutions like this to become not just exciting but necessary, and for companies who know how to make it work become not just innovators but benchmarks.

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