200 Miles to Copenhagen: Eco-Activist Roz Savage Walks for Awareness

Roz Savage is making a splash by walking over 200 miles from London to Brussels as part of an activist trip to the UN Copenhagen summit. The purpose of her trip is to raise awareness about the summit and environmental issues worldwide. What’s special about Roz Savage? She has done solo rowing trips across both the Atlantic (2005) and Pacific Oceans (2008), the first woman to make such a journey.

The rowboat Savage used to cross both the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans
The rowboat Savage used to cross both the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans

On her Twitter bio she describes herself as: “Ocean Rower, Author, Motivational Speaker, Environmental Campaigner.” In a former life, she was a successful management consultant- for 11 years, in fact. Her shift from consultant to adventurer-activist was the dramatic result of a deep realization:

“One day I sat down and wrote two versions of my obituary- The one that I wanted and the one that I was heading for, and they were very different. I realized that if I carried on as I was, I wasn’t going to end up where I wanted to be in one year or five years or at the end of my life- and I realized then that I was going to have to make some big changes.” – Roz Savage

Her focus on eco-awareness has been just as passionate. One great thing about Savage is that she sounds genuinely interested in sharing her experiences with others, and she uses social media to do that. She is active on both Facebook and Twitter, even during her trips, and updated YouTube periodically both about her travels and causes as well as during her trans-oceanic rows.

“I love using technology to share my adventures via the Internet- and people seem to enjoy getting involved. They write to tell me it helps them face their own life challenges.” – Roz Savage


Taking her adventurous spirit and her fan base on a long trek from London to Brussels, Savage has documented the trip with tweets and photos:

Big Ben to Brussels: I’ve just updated our route at https://bit.ly/uEwVV. We set out this Friday. Hope you’ll come & join in for a day!
1:05 AM Nov 16th- from TweetDeckΒ  – Roz Savage

Savage began her 200 mile journey from Big Ben in London to Brussels on Friday, November 20. Her plan is to walk to the railway station and end up in Copenhagen for the summit. With her is world champion extreme free-skier and founder of The Save Our Snow Foundation , American Alison Gannett. Just last week she arrived in Brussels, bringing a victorious message to her over 7,000 followers:

Final day of BB2B about to start. The last 10 miles into Brussels! Big celebrations pending – check https://rozsavage.com for more!
10:47 PM Dec 3rd- from TweetDeck – Roz Savage

You can learn more about Savage and her adventurous environmental campaigning on her website, RozSavage.com.

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