• Green Roof Inspiration

    A green roof—essentially, a garden atop any office building or home—helps save energy, promote drainage, and feed you. Why Build a Green Roof? Sod roofs are common on the Faroe Islands, west of Norway. Traditionally the roof was covered with sod on top of several layers of birch bark over wooden boards. Today, commercial roofing […] More

  • potting plants

    Potting Benches

    Potting benches are functional pieces of outdoor garden furniture that not only allow you to pot your plants with ease, but offer all sorts of storage for your gardening tools. Cabinets, drawers, and hooks work to keep your tools easily accessible and organized. Once you’ve invested money in high-quality trowels, hand rakes, and pruners, the […] More

  • Storage Benches

    Storage benches may be one of the most versatile pieces of furniture we can own. For anyone needing to maximize space, they’re the answer to solving storage and seating problems. They can also serve as a beautiful piece of home décor. The options for storage benches are endless. We’re using them in our living rooms, […] More

  • What’s Your Green?

    No, my title is not a pickup line overheard at a recent Earth Day festival (though it bloody well could be!). Instead, what I refer to here is how the environmental movement is far from homogenous if one truly looks at the diversity of individual motives and methods for going green. The green movement is […] More

  • PG&E Wants Californians to Wear Green Goggles

    Pacific Gas & Electric’s (PG&E) newly qualified ballot initiative will lock in high rates by killing honest competition from outside energy providers. California law allows communities to purchase power on the open market. PG&E wants to stop local communities from exercising their constitutional right to cleaner and cheaper alternatives. The signature verification process has just […] More

  • Community Health: How Does Your County Rank?

    The 2011 County Health Rankings look at various factors that impact community health. Each county was ranked against other counties in their state. How does your county rank? County rankings tell us that where we live matters to our health. Typically, urban counties are the least healthy because of higher poverty rates and lack of […] More

  • Rest in Green Peace: Green Burials for Sustainability After Death

    Sustainability, it seems, can be practiced in all aspects of one’s life–including DEATH! As I discovered recently, traditional methods of handling dead humans are surprisingly serious sources of pollution and resource consumption. For example, burials require a dangerous toxin, formaldehyde, to embalm the body, and those pollutants remain in the corpse as it decays and […] More

  • sustainablog Approved: Green Social Network We Stay Green

    A green social network? Yeah, your immediate reaction might be something like “Been there, done that.” From the now-defunct Hugg and GUSSE, to Care2 and MindBodyGreen, to our own review community, there are (or have been) many opportunities for the green-minded to engage with one another online. Fortunately, when We Stay Green founder Liam Bayer […] More

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