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Living Off The Grid

Living off the grid might seem like a dream come true for some of us. No longer tied to electricity or natural gas coming for a utility, we have greater choices for locations and saving money over the long-term. If you are someone who wants to set down roots away from the traffic and bustle of a city, […]

February 29th

Free Solar Panels For Off-Grid Living

Most of us have heard of solar panels but not many people know that much about them. In the simplest terms, solar panels are devices that use light from the sun to create electricity. Usually, they are installed on the roof of a private home or small business. There are many kinds of solar panels. […]

January 9th

Tiny House: Could You Live In A Hole In The Ground?

The days of big houses that suck up vast amount of energy so families of four live together without speaking to each other are over. Not only are these McMansions expensive and unnecessary, they lack the unique character of a home built to suit the needs of those that inhabit it. Tiny houses, homes built to […]

December 23rd