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Creating a Rain Garden

Rain gardens attract birds and butterflies (and bees), while protecting local streams and ponds.  These gardens are planted with flowers, shrubs and grasses that are easy to maintain and thrive without fertilizers and pesticides.  Where to place a rain garden, how to select plants and how to keep the garden flourishing as a beautiful accent for your home […]

Catching a second income with fishing lures

Lures made from old silverware and scrap metal. Looking for a way to spend more time with his wife while she made jewelry, Jason Aliskevicz, found a tidy second income instead. Jason began making fishing lures using some of tools and materials for jewelry and quickly found his own path. Now Jason makes lures and other […]

April 14th

Another Man’s Treasure – Learning to Love Freecycle

The Freecycle movement, started in Tucson, has spread world-wide keeping thousands of items out of landfills and trash piles. Freecycle has taken the phrase, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” to heart by providing a forum for people with everything including the kitchen sink that they don’t need any more to find people who […]

March 30th

Selling at Farmer’s Markets 101

Now that you have grown beautiful vegetables, lovely flowers or have gorgeous chicken eggs, how do you go about selling them at a farmer’s market?  What are some of the tricks of the trade and the lessons learned from veterans? Homework It is very important to find the right farmer’s market for you. You don’t want […]

March 28th