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Bees in Hawaii

Honeybees in Hawaii are being lost at an alarming rate, 55% just this past year alone. Is this another case of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)?  No. The bees in Hawaii are being devastated by small hive beetles. The small hive beetles lay eggs in spaces where the bees can’t get them out and then the beetle larvae emerge to […]

Why Are the Bees Dying?

About five years ago commercial beekeepers across the US began reporting bee losses in record numbers – about 30% each year. This level of loss is unsustainable and many beekeepers are going out of business. Aside from the economic issues, the record number of bees dying should be alarming everyone who eats. About one in […]

March 31st

Beekeeping as a business

Beekeeping is a hobby that you can easily turn into a side-business no matter where you live. Keeping bees requires a relatively small monetary investment to get started and can turn a profit within a few short years. There are many non-monetary benefits to keeping bees like better garden yields, fresh honey, and a feeling […]

March 11th