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Charge Your Cell Phone with Fire! (w/ video)

Introducing the FlameStower, a portable charger for small electronics that converts heat energy to electrical energy to keep your high-tech gadgets alive off the grid. Way off, if it comes to that. Why would you ever need to charge up your cell phone or iPad that far off the grid? I’m glad you asked! Consider […]

August 9th

Recipe Time: Rabbit and Dumplings

Between you and me, I’m tired of thinking about all the fire-grilled cockroaches and nutritious black fly maggots larvae I’ll be eating after the apocalypse. It’s gross, and I’ll deal with it when I have to. To that end, today’s food post is not about bugs, it’s about bunnies! That’s right, kids: cute and fuzzy […]

August 1st

The Bushranger X-Jack Will Unstick Your Stuck SUV

This is the Bushranger X-Jack – and, when your truck or SUV gets stuck in snow, mud, or sand who-knows-how-many miles away from the nearest rescuer, you’re going to think that bulbous little orange thing you see up there is the most beautiful piece of industrial design since Michael Graves’ “whistling bird” Alessi teakettle. One […]

July 1st