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New Gerber Ding Dong Opens Lots of Doors

When the food riots start and the cannibalistic zombies / hungry neighbors take over, you’re gonna want to keep some things handy to help you, you know, bust heads. Still, if those post-apocalyptic survival movies have taught us anything at all, it’s that some people will hit the road while leaving many cans of semi-delicious […]

June 13th

Ukraine Does DIY, SHTF Head-busting Weapons Right

We talk about a lot of survival scenarios here on Insteading- from food riots to underground meteor survival bunkers to crazy, subterranean bomb shelters done up like Ozzie and Harriet’s. Still, one of the things we sometimes forget to think about is that a SHTF scenario may be something we’re trying to be a part […]

March 14th