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Vertex Camping Stove is Incredibly Compact (w/ video)

For most of us, eating and cooking without electricity is a critical part of surviving and thriving off the grid- whether that’s by choice in a secluded cabin or in a survival situation. This new, ultra-compact camping stove concept from Vertex, then, could be a crucial addition to your bug out bag. When you see […]

January 26th

Venison: a Sustainable, Natural Meat Put to Good Use

Finding adequate food and protein in a post-apocalyptic survival scenario can be tough. We’ve talked about some of the ways you might be able to turn rabbits or even grubs into edible protein in the past, but one thing we haven’t talked about is hunting venison. As a food source, deer are plentiful, nutritious, and […]

January 18th

DIY Prepper Project: Build Your Own Motorhome (w/ video)

One of the topics that regularly comes up on the prepper/post-collapse pages I frequent is the bug out vehicle. Almost no other topic brings up more diverse and “energetic” opinions than what the best bug out car, truck, or SUV really is. One thing that does seem certain, however, is that you should be prepared […]

January 17th

15 DIY Prepper Projects from Around the Web

A number of my resolutions for 2014 involve more SHTF preparedness projects and more writing for It’s already the 10th of January, and it ain’t lookin’ good for either category of resolutions, to be honest- still, we have to start somewhere, right? Right! Here, then, is a list of 15 DIY prepper projects from […]

January 11th

Camping: the Kahuna Camping Kayak Concept

What you’re looking at here is a pretty novel outdoor sporting concept called the Kahuna – a lightweight composite-bodied outrigger kayak that’s ready at a moment’s to put you up for the night when you’re way, way off the grid. The Kahuna was a Hobie Kayaks design project with industrial designer Mario Weiss, and was […]

November 24th

2nd Hand Review: the Leatherman Charge Titatanium

It’s getting to be that time of year again, when the zombie hoards crazed shopaholics invade the malls looking for gifts for the special outdoorsman in their life. I do that online, usually – and, after spending some time poking around at the various multitools, I think I’ve settled on the new Leatherman Charge Titanium […]

November 24th

Gourmet Survival Recipe: Rabbit Liver Pate

We’ve covered the benefits of farming your own rabbits for meat in an off-grid/survival situation before, so we won’t get too far into the whole “highly efficient protein source”/”OMG they breed so fast” angle here. Instead, we’re going to just assume you’ve survived whatever big SHTF moment you’ve prepped for, you’ve grown your rabbits, and […]

November 6th

Fish Heads, Fish Heads, Eat Them for Free (w/ video)

Free fish heads. There is something exquisite about sucking on an eyeball- the fragrant jelly bursts into your mouth, lighting up your taste buds with an explosion of pleasure. Or so I’m told by keen New Zealand fishermen and their families. Now, those who love biting down on fish heads can get connected with fishermen […]

November 4th