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Top 5 Cities for Urban Farming

More and more city-dwellers are growing their own fruits, herbs, and vegetables deep in the heart of major cities, blurring the line between – well, maybe not “rural” and “urban”, but certainly “suburban” and “urban”! This push on the urban farming front is part of a larger shift towards more organic, healthier, locally-grown food, of […]

July 10th

Because, Someday, You May Have to Eat a Bug

Imagining how you’d survive the zombie apocalypse is a lot more fun that trying to figure out how you’d get adequate protein and calories in a shipwreck, off-roading accident, or other survival situation. In both cases, though, it’s- I don’t know how to lead into this smoothly, so I’ll just say it: you’re going to […]

July 6th

Soylent Beef, Schmeat, and Whatever is in a McRib …

Later this month, the people of London will get a chance to taste-test grilled schmeat. “Schmeat”, if you don’t know, is beef that came, not from a field, but from a lab! More precisely, it’s meat that came from a petri dish, and it may be soon more cost effective – and more environmentally friendly […]

June 22nd