Author: Julie Finn

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Chicago Sells Vacant Lots for $1 Each, Encourages Urban Gardening

As a welcome slap in the face to smaller towns like Oak Park, Michigan, and Leawood, Kansas, that bafflingly prohibit such healthy, pro-community projects as vegetable gardens and Little Free Libraries in property owners’ own front yards, Chicago, Illinois is permitting property owners in greater Englewood to purchase city-owned vacant lots at $1 per parcel, and […]

July 7th

Pentagon Creates Zombie Preparedness Plan: What You Should Know

The Pentagon has a Zombie Preparedness Plan. Right about now, I know you’re saying to yourself, “It’s about frakking time!”, and indeed it is, because as we all know, if the government does not present a strong line of defense, the zombies are going to kill us all. The Pentagon’s Zombie Preparedness Plan was written […]

May 26th