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Insteading Insight: Open-source blueprints for civilization

Pysicist-turned-farmer-turned-social entrepreneur Marcin Jakubowski is finally starting to get some wider recognition for his incredibly innovative, ambitious, and potentially disruptive Open Source Ecology project. I first met him when he presented the still-nascent idea at Noisebridge in SF some months ago, and I’m incredibly impressed at how polished his message has become. Take a look […]

April 15th

Searching For a Brave New Peace with John Robb

We all feel the weight of our financial and economic system, and most of us feel helpless to do anything about it. John Robb has a prescription for an insurgency: the open source venture. And Robb knows about insurgency. An Air Force special ops veteran, he gained notoriety for predicting the current wave of popular […]

April 5th

Environmental Engineering Internships at Dancing Rabbit

Nothing says self-sufficiency like taking a whole community off the grid, and there’s no better way to learn about the pleasures and challenges of an independent lifestyle than to experience it for yourself in a hands-on way. Over at Sustainablog, Jeff has a great post up about¬†Environmental Engineering Internships at Dancing Rabbit Eco-Village in Missouri. […]

March 11th